UPC 14" Straight Tube Water Pipe

$ 64.00
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A classic straight tube at an unbeatable price.

If you prefer smoking from taller straight tube bongs, this is the piece for you. This UPC Glass piece stands 14" inches tall. The diffused downstem in the base of the piece provides the perfect amount of diffusion for your herbs. This piece is made in the USA using 38mm heavy wall tubing and high quality borosilicate glass. The ice pinch is placed far down the main tube allowing you to add a lot of ice to cool down your smoke. This straight tube features a 14mm female joint and includes a flower bowl. The diameter of this piece is small than traditional pieces this size, which allows for much better flavor.


14" Inches


14mm Female


  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in the USA
  • Diffused Downstem
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes 14mm to 14mm Downstem
  • Includes Flower Bowl
  • Features UPC Glass Bar Code Logo
  • 38mm Heavy Wall Tubing

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