UPC "Simple Guy" Beaker Base Bong

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A classic beaker with a super long neck!

This Simple Guy Beaker Base Bong features a classic design but with an extra long neck for incredible flavor. This piece was handmade in Toluca Lake, California by UPC Glass using the highest quality materials. The beaker bottom allows you to add a large amount of water for better water filtration of your dry herbs and smoke. Sticking into the beaker bottom is an extra long diffused downstem that forces the smoke through the water to cool it down.


14" Inches


14mm Female


  • Diffused Downstem into Beaker Base
  • 38mm Heavy Wall Tubing
  • Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Includes Downstem and Bowl
  • Made in the USA
  • UPC Decals
  • Thick Glass
  • Made in Toluca Lake, California

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