UPC Tank Sidecar Bubbler Rig

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A unique shape for awesome dabbing sessions!

If you're looking for a dab rig that features an unusual design, this is the one for you. This UPC Tank Sidecar Bubbler Rig features a barrel-shaped main chamber. Featuring a 14mm male joint and a diffused downstem this bubbler rig is an excellent choice for true concentrate lovers. The unique design allows your vapor to stack in the chamber before passing through the sidecar neck for concentrates flavor. The sidecar neck not only promotes a comfortable smoke session but also acts as a natural splashguard. This UPC Tank Sidecar Bubbler Rig is handmade in California.


5" Inches Long


14mm Male


  • Made in the USA
  • UPC Glass
  • Includes Quartz Banger Nail
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 14mm Female Quartz Banger
  • UPC Decals
  • Thick Glass
  • Made in California.

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