Waterfall Inline Perc Bong

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  • 9 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Includes dry herb bowl
  • Waterfall body
  • High filtration surface area
  • Inline percolator
  • Perfect for passing around the circle
  • Sturdy-yet-lightweight design
  • Orange accents
  • Sleek scientific design
  • Under $100

The Waterfall Inline Perc Bong allows awesome filtration to cascade down on your smoke for huge bong rips!

The Waterfall Inline Perc Bong delivers awesome filtration! During each hit, the smoke passes into the water chamber and moves through the inline perc. This glass feature contains many slits, and as the smoke passes through each of them, the harsh, rough taste is filtered to create cooler & smoother smoke! Then, the smoke moves through the huge waterfall section of the bong, with increased surface area for even stronger diffusion and an even better taste! When the smoke reaches the mouthpiece, it will be as cool as possible!

This perc bong’s unique design will stand out in any smoking circle or piece collection! The orange accented percolator helps this piece keep a scientific look, but with awesome color! The minimalist waterfall section ties this piece together, and also makes for a comfortable grip when smoking with friends.


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