Wig Wag Beaker Bong

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  • 10 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • 3 design options
  • Psychedelic wig wag design
  • Diffused downstem
  • Ice catcher
  • Beaker shape
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Bong under $100
  • Deep bowl for plenty of dry herbs 

The Wig Wag Beaker Design pairs great smoke filtration with a beautiful psychedelic design! This durable bong provides top-notch hits whether you’re smoking solo, or with a huge group of friends!

The Wig Wag Beaker Bong diffuses your smoke to create smooth, cool hits that taste great. As the smoke moves through the downstem, it is diffused. The smoke then enters the water chamber, which has a cooling effect. The ice catcher suspends ice above the water chamber, allowing you to cool down your smoke even more without worrying about surprise splashes or dirtying the bong water! You’ll inhale fully filtered smoke during each hit! 

Thanks to the beaker shape, this water pipe allows you to take huge bong rips. Because it is constructed with scientific borosilicate glass, this beaker bong will survive light drops that might damage weaker pieces. Pair this piece with a dab nail to smoke your concentrates!

Combining a scientific aesthetic with the classic psychedelic bong feel, this piece features a wig wag design! Choose from one of three design options, including blue, black, and blue and red beaker bongs. Color will be chosen at random!