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Wig Wag Worked Water Pipe


  • 7" Inches Tall
  • Colored Glass
  • Worked Body & Joint
  • Worked Dry Herb Bowl
  • Bent Neck
  • Single Downstem Perc
  • Daisy Marble
  • Clear Polished Joints
  • Available in Purple or Pink Accents

Joint Size: 14mm Female

This beautiful purple glass worked wig wag water pipe stands at 7" inches tall and has a bent neck to prevent splash back. The worked body, joint and bowl give this water pipe a unique look that will surely stand out on your collection and the daisy marble adds the finishing touch. The single downstem perc gives you perfect diffusion while maintaining maximum flavor from your dry herbs or concentrates. This wig wag water pipe features a 14mm female joint and includes a worked 14mm male dry herb bowl.

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Wig Wag Worked Water Pipe

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