Beware of DHGate Knockoff China Glass

Beware of DHGate Knockoff China Glass

In recent months an e-commerce website known as DHGate (based in China) has been starting to sell glass bongs and accessories. DHGate is similar to eBay in the sense that individual sellers are allowed to sell and list items. Every day there are new glass sellers appearing on DHGate, none of which sell products that are quality controlled or come close to meeting the standards we here at Toker Supply have. Many of these sellers are knocking off reputable US glass artists and selling counterfeit versions of their products.

The biggest problem we have noticed is now several DHGate sellers are stealing our product photos and making it seem as though they are selling the same products we are or worse pretending to be our company. Just because a DHGate seller has a product picture that looks like ours DOES NOT mean it is the same product or the same quality. 

Another MAJOR problem with ordering from a China-based website like DHGate is shipping can take weeks or months. When buying from a reputable Online Headshop like TokerSupply all orders are delivered in 2-5 days and if there is a problem we have a dedicated customer service team to help you immediately.

Here at Toker Supply we only work with best glass blowers from various different countries across the world. Any of our glass that comes from China is quality controlled several times and made using the highest quality materials. Sourcing some products overseas allows us to sell high-quality products are extremely low prices more smokers can afford. None of our factories use child labor and are all experience glass blowers and artists dedicated to putting out quality products.

We strongly caution you to buy your glass bongs and pipes from a trusted online headshop such as Toker Supply to ensure you get exactly what you pay for and what you're looking for. Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to glass and smoking products. We can't tell you how many new customers start buying from us after having a horror story with DHGate. It's no coincidence we're the fastest growing online headshop in the world! NONE of our products come from DHGate or DHGate suppliers we work directly with glass blower and manufacturers.

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