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Toker Supply - Learning Center

How long do you heat a dab nail?

How long do you heat a dab nail?

In recent months dabbing has continued to gain massive exposure and popularity among smokers worldwide. Dabbing can be a daunting task for people that are new to it, but no worries we will show you the easiest way to get...

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Bong on beach during summer sunset

5 Summertime Tips for Glass Pipes

Smokers love their pieces -- there’s a simple fact. A smoking room with a glass water pipe, dab rig, and your other prized pieces is often a cornerstone of the smoker home layout. In order to take advantage of the...

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Girl smoking from a bong holding glass pipe

9 Tips to Taking Huge Bongs Rips

It’s no secret that bongs are the most popular smoking apparatus, and perc bongs are the cream of the crop. With more opportunities for smoke filtration, perc bongs offer recreational smokers even smoother hits than normal bongs. And, while smoking a bong is fairly easy to do, there are a few key steps you can take to really get it right.
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