Dab Torches

When using a dab nail, lighters and matches simply cannot generate the amount of heat required to fully heat the whole surface. For the maximum experience, you need a dab torch, which has the potential to reach 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. At Toker Supply, we understand the need for a torch that can add value to your dabbing experience aesthetically and functionally. A torch with the right size, style, and fuel will improve your dabbing experience tenfold. This hand-selected torch will perfectly complement your dabbing nail.


Size is one of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a dabbing torch. If you intend to travel frequently, then a small torch will be more portable and conducive to this mobile lifestyle. A large torch, on the other hand, is well-suited for home use and will be able to better heat the nail evenly.


This choice is mostly aesthetic but will be a factor to consider in the long run. If you intend to dab for a long period of time, then pay close attention to the style. When making this decision, also consider the aesthetic of your dab rig.

Fuel Source

The torch’s source of fuel is the factor that will have the biggest influence on the performance of the torch. While propane is cheaper, it will also cause the dabbing nail to gradually degrade through oxidation, especially if the nail is titanium. A butane torch, while more expensive, will not get as hot as propane, but will heat the nail more evenly and without the potential for damage. For dabbing purposes, butane is certainly ideal.

Enjoy dabbing? We do too. These are the top 8 dabbing tools that we recommend all dabbers use.

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