Rolling Papers

If you were looking for a huge selection of the best rolling papers, blunts wraps and rolling accessories, you've come to the right place.

We know everyone has their own preferences when its comes to rolling and smoking so we carry a wide variety of different rolling papers and blunts wraps to fit everyones needs and wants. We carry hemp papers, rice papers, flavored papers, king size papers, see through papers and even 24k Gold Rolling Papers! If papers aren't your thing we also carry a wide variety of flavored blunt wraps.

Our Online Headshop has some of most popular brands you know and love like RAW, Elements, Juicy Jay along with a wide variety of other types of papers you should try! If you prefer all-natural papers, we have those too! We also have a ton of flavored papers, like birthday cake, strawberry, and blueberry. 

If you are new to rolling and need some help, we also cary rolling machines and rolling mats which ensures a perfect roll every single time. Rollings mats and machines are very quick and easy to use and even seasoned smokers use them. When rolling up you want to make sure you don't drop or lose any of your dry herbs so we sell RAW Rolling Trays too!

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