Bongs and Water Pipes

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Bongs and Glass Water Pipes are the most popular way to smoke herbs and tobacco today and for good reason. Bongs have a water filtration system that cools down and filters the smoke so it is easier on your lungs. A Bong provides a level of comfort that will be unmatched in other traditional smoking pipes. Our online headshop’s expansive stock of bongs for sale will provide every smoker with exactly the glass water pipe they need.The water placed within the glass water pipe or bong characterizes the bong as providing an enjoyable yet potent smoking experience. By placing water within the base of the glass water pipe or bong, the smoker utilizes the filtration system available within the bong.

As one of the most complex smoking mechanisms, bongs contain several working parts that create the smoking experience you’ve come to love. Like in any other smoking contraption, the bowl holds the dry herb before smoking. The carb hole allows the smoke to travel outside of the piece. The downstem creates a path for the smoke to travel to the base of the piece, before percolating in the water. Percolators (Percs) within the glass water pipe provide a much-needed system of filtration that assists in cooling the smoke down for the perfect hit. We offer honeycomb perc, tree perc, recyclers, turbine percs, and much more!

Consider improving the aesthetic and functional value of your Toker Supply bong with some accessories. A new bowl can increase the herb capacity of your bong, allowing you to smoke more during each smoking session. An ash catcher will prevent debris from entering the base chamber of the water pipe, making the cleaning process much less grueling. Our premium cleaning supplies will return your bong to its original condition, making each hit as enjoyable as the first.

Many online headshops believe that their products will sell at excruciatingly high prices, but we want to make them accessible to you. Looking for a cheap, high-quality bong? Don’t worry-- we have plenty of bongs under $100.

Not satisfied with the bowl that comes with your piece? Check out our replaceable bowls, but make sure that it is the correct measurement!

While some people may draw similarities between them, bongs and dab rigs are quite different. For one, bongs are suited and designed for dry herbs, while dab rigs require wax, or a concentrate. To accomplish this, bongs use a bowl piece, while dab rigs use a dab nail. Bongs are also known for producing clean hits, while dab rigs are known for maximizing flavor. Your preference between these two options should dictate which piece you primarily use. You can, however, easily switch between the two using interchangeable pieces of the same size. In other words, dab rigs and bongs can easily be converted to the other to provide variety in the smoking experience.



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