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Glass Adapters

Bongs and bowls come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes and sometimes they don't quite fit together. Before you purchase a glass adapter be sure to check out our bong joint and bowl size guide to figure out exactly what size and type of glass adapter you need. The good news is no matter what size bong joint or bowl size you have there is a glass adapter you can use to make them work together perfectly. In the smoking world all bongs are made with either a male or female joint and a 10mm,14mm or 18mm sized joint. This can be confusing sometimes but once you get the hang of it, its very simple and easy to understand.

Glass adapters are small pieces of glass that that contain two two joints. Typically they contain two different sizes or genders. The purpose of a glass adapter is to change the existing size or gender of your bong joint to allow a different size bong bowl or dab nail to fit. This is not only functional but allows you to customize your bongs and dab rigs to use tons of different pieces. 

We offer every size and gender glass adapter and converter you could possibly need. This ensure that not matter what combination of size or gender you have you can make it work. All of our glass adapters are made from high quality glass with sanded joints to ensure smooth transitions and easy connections.

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