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Bubblers combine the size and comfort of a glass pipe with the function and filtration of a glass water pipe. A portable, healthier and fun way to smoke, glass bubblers are some of our most popular products. Many tokers prefer glass bubblers over glass pipes because of the added benefits of water filtration. TokerSupply has a huge selection of bubbler smoking pipes which can be used for dry tobacco and/or oil and concentrates. Our bubblers come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. All of the smoking pipes on our online smoke shop are hand blown using high grade scientific glass and undergo quality control inspections by our team before being sent to our customers!

Most glass bubblers are intended for dry tobacco while others can also be used for oils, any bubblers with a joint can be interchangeable using the right accessories. All bubblers with a glass-on-glass joints  male or female can be used with legal essential oils and concentrates by adding a matching  titanium or quartz nail.

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