Honeycomb Percs – Sweet Filtration

Honeycomb Percs – Sweet Filtration

While sadly this has nothing to do with the cereal of the same name, the Honeycomb percolator is still worth exploring. During our last post we broke down the Swiss percolator's features and benefits. And as an online head shop, we’d be letting you guys down if we didn’t do the same for the honeycomb percolator, or “honeycomb perc.”

Percolators are not a new concept in the world of smoking and bongs. And any dedicated smoker can probably explain them on the spot. Since human beings began using bongs to inhale their smoke, they’ve been looking for ways to enhance the experience. That’s where percolators enter the picture.

Throughout the history of bongs, several techniques have been employed to make the smoke cooler, smoother and easier to ingest. If you’ve ever seen ice stacked within the pipes, that’s a way of making the smoke frosty and less harsh.

One of the many advantages of smoking from a bong is a good percolator. There are several different versions of percolators. And each of them uses different techniques to cool down the smoke. In this piece we’ll explore the honeycomb percolator, what it does and what makes it unique.

Honeycomb Perc to Turbine Perc Water Pipe

What is a Honeycomb Perc?

If you’ve ever seen or used a bong with a round disk installed inside, you were most likely looking at a bong with a honeycomb perc. It’s a circular piece of glass with many holes, resembling a honeycomb.

Many bongs have more than one honeycomb perc within its chamber. Some even have up to six! The more honeycomb percs in the bong, the more effective its filtration. Many bong craftsmen and smokers love honeycomb percs because of their technique and because they take up very little space in the pipe.

What Makes Them So Special?

All percolators are made to make the smoke more pleasant. But honeycomb percs do that and more, and are many smokers’ preferred percolator for a reason.

The honeycomb percolator allows for maximum cooling and filtration with little or no drag. The dozens of small holes in the disk allows for a lot more diffusion than a standard percolator. Basically, the more holes, the better the diffusion.

Sweet, Sweet Moisturizing

The honeycomb percolator (combined with the water) also has an incredible moisturizing effect on the smoke. Anybody who’s ever used a bong knows just how dry and harsh the hit can be. And this usually happens with cheap, substandard bongs.

But with honeycomb perc bongs, the smoke receives premium conditioning. First the smoke passes through the downstem and hits the water. And then it goes through the honeycomb percolator, where it goes through the final stage of filtration. The honeycomb percolator cools the smoke, filters the smoke and moisturizes it.

Honeycomb percolators are also celebrated for their immense power and their preservation of flavor. In fact, they’re considered the very best percolator in terms of power.

The honeycomb perc packs an enormous punch, delivering a robust hit every time. And unlike a lot of other percolators, it has very little (many times zero) drag. You can take a fantastic hit of smoke without the percolator slowing you down. This is yet another reason why honeycomb percolators are largely favored by experienced smokers.

Honeycomb Zong Bong

Hole-y Smoke

Percolators are considered the holiest of bong devices. (Get it?) From ice catchers to glycerin coils, inventive and dedicated smokers have been coming up with innovative ways to enhance their bongs.

Honeycomb percolators remain among our bestsellers. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon, since they continue to blow smokers away (pun intended) with the quality of their filtration.

If you’re curious about honeycomb percolators and want to try them for yourself, we have tons of honeycomb bongs to choose from!

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