Smoking Etiquette 🧐

Smoking Etiquette 🧐

As all smokers know, smoking circles are all about spreading good vibes and making memories. Having a friendly presence within the smoking circle will help you to forge lasting friendships. While smoking circles are certainly not meant to be driven by rules, there are a few basic manners that are crucial to leaving a positive impression. At our online headshop, our goal is to cultivate those positive environments. Here's some basic smoking etiquette from your friends at Toker Supply.


1. Puff, Puff, Pass

It may be a cliche, but it’s also the number one smoking rule. Rather than taking several hits and then passing along the joint, it’s best to take two small ones. Then, pass it to the left.

If you’re smoking a glass bowl, though, stick to one hit. This will consume more herb than a joint hit. Many online headshops sell larger bowls for group settings.


2. Cornering

You’ve seen it done, but you may not have heard the term before.

If you’re smoking a glass pipe with a group of people, you should always be cornering the bowl. In other words, light only the portion of the dry herb that you’ll be smoking. You can do this by either tilting the bowl, or lighting the rim.

Cornering ensures that each person in the circle receives a fair chance for a hit.


3. Bring a Bong

Alright, we get it. It might not be practical for you to lug around your prized piece with three different percolators. But, there are plenty of ways that you can still achieve the same smooth bong rips without a hefty piece.

The first one is purchasing bongs under $100. These inexpensive pieces are sturdier than you’d think, and more conducive to away-from-home use. Silicone bongs have no glass (aside from the bowl) and will not break from a fall.

Bubblers also provide the same smooth, water-filtered hits without the risk factor of transporting a bong. These glass pipes-- which are about the size of a standard bowl-- contain the same water chamber design that bongs use. So, each hit will also be filtered through water. This means portability and enjoyment.

Whatever you do, old and new friends alike will be thrilled to indulge in smooth smoking. Our online headshop sells many products that are perfect for travel.


4. Contribute Dry Herbs to the Bowl or Joint

Nobody likes the smoker who participates without pulling his or her weight. If you plan on joining the smoking circle, then be sure to contribute. Bring along some dry herb for the glass bowl, bong, or joint.

If you don’t have any dry herb, then be sure to offer something else. Even if your smoking companions don’t accept it, it’s nice to offer money. If nothing else, everybody appreciates the friend that brings the party size bag of chips and dip.


5. Brush Up on Your Smoking Technique

Being a hardcore smoker can actually improve your smoking etiquette. Not everyone in your summer smoking circle is necessarily a veteran toker. There may be some people who are unfamiliar with how to smoke a joint or a bowl. So, you should be a resource to them.

Explain to inexperienced smokers how to use the particular piece. Learning how to smoke a bong, for example, may be difficult for first timers. Polite guidance can go a long way in helping new smokers to learn the ropes. Want to learn more about smoking? Our online headshop blog has plenty of resources.


6. Don’t Forget a Grinder

In a pinch, you can get away with using a scissor to cut up your dry herbs. But why should you resort to that if you don’t have to?

Grinders are a better way to break up your dry herbs. These wooden, metal or plastic contraptions are easy to use, and effective. Using a grinder will yield more finely ground herbs. Quality grinders are easy to come by-- our online headshop carries many.


7. Offer to Clean the Piece

Smoking a glass pipe can generate a lot of ash and debris, especially if you smoke multiple bowls. Offering to help clean the pipe will remove the brunt of this responsibility from the pipe owner.

If you’re smoking a glass water pipe, then there are ways to limit the debris accumulation. Ash catchers collect ash and other debris that would normally fall from the bowl into the water chamber. In doing so, they prevent the need for frequent cleanings. Ash catchers also provide additional filtration. Next time you pick up a new piece from an online headshop, be sure to pick up some glass cleaning products as well.


8. Respect Non-Smokers

It’s important to realize that not everyone who hangs out with your smoking circle is a smoker. There is no place for peer pressure in smoking circles.

This principle also extends to people who have smoked on previous occasions, but do not want to now. Finally, do not force somebody who has already taken a hit into taking a second hit.


9. Keep it Moving

When the dry herbs come your way, don’t hesitate to take a hit. If you’re in the middle of a story, pause it for a second-- your audience will appreciate it. Take your hits, pass it on, and resume.

This is not to say that you need to rush your hits-- you should enjoy them. But, be mindful of the fact that other people are also planning to smoke the same piece or joint.

10. Bring Your Own Lighter, and Don’t Leave With Somebody Else’s

Lighters are a precious commodity in groups of people that smoke frequently. They’re cheap, but people often borrow them. And, they’re easy to lose.

If you know that you’ll be smoking later on, then bring your own lighter. If you need to borrow a lighter, then be sure to return it. Don’t be the person that permanently borrows somebody else’s lighter.


11. Be Conscious of Your Surroundings

There are a few different aspects of this rule.

First, never smoke inside a building without direct permission. If you’ve been invited inside somebody’s home, you should have the respect to directly ask them where you can smoke. If they say outside, then be sure to abide by those restrictions.

Second, always blow your smoke away from people. Nobody likes it when people blow smoke in their face, even other smokers.


Online Headshop

By offering a few basic courtesies, you can be a glowing presence in a smoking circle. Our online headshop is happy to be part of a friendly and supportive community that relies on positive energy. Happy smoking, Toker Supply family!

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