Desktop Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become a popular way to smoke waxes, oils and dry herbs. Desktop vaporizers are the most powerful products in the vaporizer category. Desktop vapes offer the cleanest and most efficient vaping method available.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Like other vapes, desktop vapes are more conservative with waxes, oils and dry herbs than other smoking devices, such as water pipes.

Using convection-based technology, desktop vapes heat dry herbs and oils to a much lower temperature than a lighter normally would. This means that the heating element does not directly touch the dry herbs or wax. Instead, the heating element produces hot air, which then heats the herbs or wax from a distance. Rather than producing smoke in the normal fashion, desktop vapes produce a notably different vapor. This vapor is much smoother than standard smoke, with fewer carcinogens and overall health risks.

For improved efficiency over other vapes, desktop vapes have a built in fan that pushes out air. Desktop vapes also conserve vapor by storing it in a balloon, which smokers then draw from each time they inhale.

What Are the Different Types of Desktop Vaporizers?

Depending on personal preference, people select between whip-style and forced air desktop vapes. In order to provide our customers with the best range of options, we carry vapes in both styles.

Whip Style

Generally, whip-style desktop vapes are considered somewhat old-school. Whip style desktop vapes include a whip-like attachment, which connects to the back of the unit. While inhaling, the smoker passes hot air over the herbs or wax, creating a stream of vapor. With airtight connections, whip style desktop vapes prevent any vapor from escaping.

These whip attachments are removable, and smokers can use different ones.

Forced Air Style

Often associated with the newer vaping technology, forced-air desktop vapes offer a different experience. Without requiring the smoker to inhale, forced air desktop vapes can dispense vapor at the touch of a button. The rest of the vapor is stored in a balloon attachment until inhaled. New forced air desktop vapes allow smokers to adjust the temperature, heating time, and other variables.

Can You Control the Temp on a Desktop Vape?

In order to give smokers precise control over their smoking experience, desktop vapes feature temperature control units. Regulating this temperature prevents waxes and oils from being overheated, and thus, using too much at once. The temperature may also impact the smooth feel of the vapor-- which is the entire reason that bongs are so popular.

Digital Temperature Regulators

The more popular option in the modern world, digital temperature control units display the temperature with plus and minus buttons. For precise control, smokers can adjust the temperature by single degrees.

Analog Temperature Regulators

Generally considered to be less precise than the digital units, analog temperature regulators allow for less precise control. Rather than adjusting by individual degrees, these switches work in 25 degree increments.

What Can I Smoke with a Desktop Vape?

Different desktop vapes have different smoking capabilities, but you can smoke the following substances with desktop vapes:
  • Dry herbs
  • Concentrates, Oils, and Wax
  • E-Juices

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