August 31, 2017

Going back to school means a year of new friends, new knowledge and new experiences. Smoking is one of the best ways to become well acquainted with other people. The simple actions, sensation and overall fellowship of sharing a smoke will be sure to connect you with your peers. With dorm restrictions that discourage smoking (or prevent it altogether), smoking your legal herbs at college can be difficult. At Toker Supply, we’re here to help equip you with the gear that will help you pass under the radar.

Here's what you need to toke in your dorm room in 2017:

Tight Vac - Air Tight Containers

#1 Herb Container

First and foremost, you should make every effort possible to prevent the smell of your herbs from permeating the room (or building). For maximum concealment, try using one of our air tight containers. A mason jar will also conceal the smell, but might not be as efficient.

Smoke Buddy Air Filter

#2 Personal Filter

While we don’t condone or recommend it, cold winters and rainy days force some people to smoke in their dorm rooms. And even when you try to smoke out of the window, some smoke will likely remain in the room. This problem is easily solved by our smoke buddy air filter. The process is simple: blow the smoke into the filter, and watch odor-free air exit. If you find yourself in a tight spot without this filter, then try the toilet paper/dryer sheet method in our smoking improvisation guide.

SLX 2.0 Ceramic Coated Herb Grinder

#3 Grinder

No matter what your smoking preference is, you’ll need a quality grinder if you like smoking herbs. Our premium online headshop’s ceramic coated herb grinder is larger than most standard grinders, with incredible grinding technology and ample storage space. The primary advantage to purchasing a quality grinder is the ability to catch and collect kief, a fine powder that gradually accumulates in the bottom chamber. We offer several different styles of grinders -- be sure to check them all out before making a purchase. Learn more about grinders here.

ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 RiG Edition Vaporizer

#4 Vaporizer

As vaporizers do not burn herbs, they do not generate smoke, which is incredibly valuable in a dorm room setting. If smoking in your dorm room becomes unavoidable, then vaporizers are the way to go. Also known as “vapes”, vaporizers primarily use waxes and oils instead of herbs. Our online headshop offers a diverse selection of vaporizers, for both casual and hardcore smokers. Regardless of your preferences, each vape will be sure to deliver smooth and crisp hits.

Shine 2 Sheet Pack 24k Gold Rolling Papers

#5 Rolling Papers

Large glass pieces are difficult and inconvenient to transport outdoors. Rolling an herb cigarette will allow you to smoke inconspicuously outside of your dorm building. If your campus has smoking restrictions, though, be sure that you are smoking in the designated area. Our rolling paper selection includes both flavored and standard rolling papers-- try a few different styles to discover your personal preference!

#6 Snacks !!!

As we recommended in our dream smoking room article, smokers should always have snacks on hand. This is especially important for your college years, where snacks can solidify a budding friendship.

Toker Supply is an online headshop with an enormous stock of smoking paraphernalia. Our wide spectrum of products will help you to carefully navigate your college experience with the right pieces for all occasions.

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