7 Essentials for the Dream Smoking Room

7 Essentials for the Dream Smoking Room

Every smoker knows: the right environment is crucial to a good experience. Therefore, smoking in a cool, calm and carefully-refined space is your reliable ticket to excellent smoke sessions. Also, with the right smoke room, all your friends will designate your place the supreme smoke pad.

We're passionate, veteran smokers at our own online headshop. Therefore, we have the ideal smoking conditions worked out down to a fine science. In fact, we'll effectively guarantee that if you apply these recommendations, every session will be a great one. In this post, we'll share our list of seven essentials for the dream smoking room.

One Hitter

#1 Quality Selection of Glass Pipes

Obviously, this one goes without saying. And, what do we mean when we say "enviable collection," you ask? Why, we're referring to a solid arsenal of stunning and functional (and clean!) glass pipes! What could be more essential for a smoking room?

Also, in any dream smoking room, variety is important. Therefore, you should keep a bong, dab rig, and glass pipe on hand. This way, you can smoke how you want to be smoking whenever you feel like smoking that way. It's never a bad thing to have a lot of options, so you'll never have to improvise. However you choose to display them, make sure they remain safe at all times when you're not using them.

#2 Grinder and other accessories

Nobody likes that moment where you sit down for a smoke, and you have nothing but thick, bulbous chunks. Always keep your grinder an arm’s length away!

Our online headshop stocks grinders made of diverse materials. Consider keeping your bong clean with an ash catcher, or use a dab rig to get the most out of your extracts.

Kraken Grinder

#3 Music Selection & Volume

The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Snoop Dogg-- or whatever else you like. However, don't worry about what you should be listening to. Concern yourself with what you want to listen to. Would you rather bang your head to industrial goth rock or revel in the lighthearted, folksy sound of Bob Dylan? Ultimately, whatever you may want, fire it up.

No matter what your preference is, just make sure that you have some solid equipment that will give your favorite songs the clear, epic audio treatment they deserve.

#4 Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Nobody wants to smoke in a room where everyone is either standing around or struggling to get comfortable on rigid, flimsy folding chairs. For true relaxation and genuine enjoyment, make sure that your seating arrangement is on point. Some comfortable couches, lounge chairs, or even old-school beanbag chairs will go a long way in giving you the comfort you need.

Dynasty Vase Glass Water Pipe

#5 Supply of Herbs and Oils

Well, you’ve got just about everything else, but these are critical. Upgrade your dabbing game - keep your dry herbs, waxes, oils, and other smoking supplies within your smoking room. This way, once you’re ready to go, it’s smooth sailing from there.

#6 Snacks & Drinks

Coming down with a serious case of the munchies, without snacks in the vicinity, is like being subjected to waterboarding. Make sure you keep a collection of your favorite snacks and soft drinks in your smoking room!

Of course, it's very unlikely that any smoker will overlook this particular recommendation. However, better safe than sorry, right? Oh - and make sure you have enough for everybody. Nobody likes sharing a paltry amount of snacks between a whole bunch of people.

Frans Meme

#7 Fraaaanns

Unfortunately, the one smoking essential that we can’t sell you here is friends. No, but seriously, don’t waste a perfectly good smoking room by smoking in it alone all the time. Share the experience with your friends! It's no fun assembling a dream smoking room if you have nobody to smoke, laugh or snack with!

Conclusion - Toker Supply

When it comes to smoking, we have an unshakable commitment to delivering you the best of everything. And yes, this includes recommendations for a superior smoking room. Also, there are a few other features you can throw in to really set it apart from the others. Slap on a few vibrant coats of colorful paint!  Install a video game setup! Your imagination is the limit - there are no rules, so have fun!
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