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May 30, 2017

The room you smoke in can have quite the impact on your overall smoking experience. As veteran smokers at our own online headshop, we have the ideal smoking conditions figured out down to a science. Here’s our recommendation for designing the perfect smoking space.

One Hitter

#1 Quality Selection of Glass Pipes

This one goes without saying. For variety’s sake, keep a bong, dab rig, and glass pipe within your vicinity so that you can smoke how you want to be smoking. Looking to expand your collection of pieces? Check out our our bundle deals.

#2 Grinder and other accessories

Nobody likes that moment where you sit down with your herbs and pieces, and you have nothing but nugs. Keep your grinder an arm’s length away. Our online headshop stocks grinders made of various materials for your convenience. Consider keeping your bong clean with one of our ash catchers, or getting the most out of your extracts with your dab rig.

Kraken Grinder

#3 Music Selection & Volume

The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Snoop Dogg-- or whatever else you like. No matter what your music preference is, just make sure that you have the equipment to play some tunes while you are smoking.

#4 Comfortable Seating Arrangement

For true relaxation, make sure that your seating arrangement is on point. Some comfortable couches, lounge chairs, or even old-school beanbag chairs will go a long way in giving you the comfort you need.

Dynasty Vase Glass Water Pipe

#5 Supply of Herbs and Oils

Well, you’ve got just about everything else, but these are essential. Keep your dry herbs, waxes, oils, and other smoking supplies inside your smoking room so that once you’re ready to go, it’s smooth sailing from there.

#6 Snacks & Drinks

Getting the munchies without snacks close by is like paralysis. Make sure you keep a collection of your favorite snacks and soft drinks to hit the spot. Don’t forget about your friends!

Frans Meme

#7 Fraaaanns

Unfortunately, the one thing that we can’t sell on our online headshop is friends. No, but seriously, don’t waste a perfectly good smoking room by keeping it all to yourself. Let your friends in on the treat, and they’ll thank you in the future.

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