2018 Smoker Gift Guide Pt. 2: Bongs, Dab Rigs and More

2018 Smoker Gift Guide Pt. 2: Bongs, Dab Rigs and More

The holidays are nearly here, and you know what that means: time to find the perfect holiday gift for your friends and family. We don’t have a whole lot of advice about which toys are “in” now, but we do know a thing or two about buying gifts for smokers during the holidays. At Toker Supply, we understand that getting the exact right gift can sometimes be difficult. Whether you’re a smoker yourself or not, we’re here to push you in the right direction for glass shopping for your friends and family. Check out the second part of our smoker gift guide for the 2018 holiday season!

In the first part of our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, we covered our special bundle deals.

Bong Gift Ideas

Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong

If your smoker friends and family like smoking on the go, then this piece is the perfect choice. At only 8 inches tall, they’ll be able to easily transport this piece in a backpack, luggage, or a car. But, it’ll still give you or your loved one awesome hits! The accented glass on the neck of the water pipe create an awesome look, too! For under $100, this portable water pipe is a great addition to any smoker’s piece collection.

Rock Glass Bee’s Knees Showerhead Perc Bong

We all know a smoker that appreciates a good pun, and they’ll love this beautiful water pipe by Rock Glass! This high-quality bong is created with durable scientific glass, with adorable glass bees on the exterior. But, don’t be fooled by this water pipe’s sense of humor; the showerhead perc does a great job filtering smoke!

Rock Glass Thick Dual Wheel Perc Beaker Bong

Also created by Rock Glass, the Thick Dual Wheel Perc Beaker Bong takes smoking to the next level! This water pipe filters smoke to create a great taste with two wheel percolators. It also features a new trapezoid-shaped style of ice catcher, which allows smokers to cool down each hit even more! Not to mention, the awesome design will look great in anyone’s smoking room!

Dab Rig Gift Ideas

Dabbing is a hot new smoking trend that’s picked up a lot of steam (no pun intended) over the past few years. It’s the best way to smoke concentrates, including waxes and oils. Giving a dab rig to your loved one is a great way to help them step into this up-and-coming world!

Wine Glass Dab Rig

While we can’t recommend drinking alcohol while smoking, we can say that this piece is a great choice for anyone. Shaped like a wine glass, this dab rig is perfect for classy wine drinkers and Franzia lovers alike. Crafted with thick, sturdy glass and a wide base, this piece won’t easily shatter, even under the heat of a torch.

Rock Glass Dual Wheel Recycler Rig

With this beautiful dab rig, your friends can enjoy smoking in style! Recycler dab rigs are even better than other dab rigs at filtering the smoke and giving the smoker the great taste they’ve come to love. The unique glass color, red and blue accents and circular shape are sure to make this piece stand out in any room!

Kabutowari Skinny Neck Dab Rig with UFO Perc

The Kabutowari Skinny Neck Dab Rig with UFO Perc is the absolute dream piece for hardcore dabbers. The showerhead percolator works wonders in filtering the harsh taste out of the smoke, while maintaining the great flavor. And, the flared mouthpiece helps smokers get more from their concentrates by preventing any smoke from escaping through the top of the piece.

Glass Pipe Gift Ideas

They’re compact, portable, and feel great in your hand! A new glass pipe can be a game changer for smokers-- especially when they’re crafted with durable glass.

Dichro Striped Rasta Elephant Pipe

If your smoker friends or family have a soft spot for nature or an artistic eye, then this piece is the perfect choice. Crafted with an outstanding level of detail, this hand pipe resembles an actual elephant. The glass feet even create a freestanding design! But, the awesome design doesn’t compromise on function: your favorite smoker will still enjoy awesome hits thanks to the carb and deep bowl.

Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipe

When it comes to hand pipes, some smokers appreciate a “back to basics” approach-- and this piece delivers. The Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipe has a deep bowl for plenty of dry herbs, and allows smokers to control airflow with the carb hole. Created with fumed glass, it even changes colors during smoking sessions!

Vaporizer Gift Ideas

Dry herb and concentrate vaporizers utilize cutting-edge tech to streamline the smoking process. Vapes are portable, easy to use, and according to many experts, healthier than smoking from a pipe. They're also great for hiding the smell of smoke.

KandyPens Special K Vaporizer

When it comes to discreet design, the KandyPens Special K Vaporizer takes the cake. Designed like an actual pen, this vape pen can easily be hidden away. And, the heating technology takes less than five seconds, meaning you can use it at a moment’s notice.

Pax 2 Vaporizer

This top-of-the-line portable dry herb vape is a great gift for smokers who need a discreet way to smoke on the go. The Pax 2 Vaporizer features customizable temperature settings and motion-sensing technology. Whether they’ve been vaping for years or they’re looking to get started, the Pax 2 Vaporizer won’t disappoint!

Smoking Accessory Gift Ideas

Having the right accessories can take any smoking experience up a few notches. If the smoker you’re buying for already has a few pieces, then they’ll appreciate one of these nifty tools.

2.2" Solid Color 4 Part Grinder

Before loading up a glass pipe or bong with dry herb, you need a grinder to break it down into smaller pieces. This awesome grinder has multiple chambers, collecting the finest pieces of dry herb in the bottom chamber. While it’s not totally smell-proof, the middle chamber doubles as a storage chamber. This grinder is a great way to make any smoker’s holiday special!

Terp Slurper Quartz Banger

The material and design of a dab nail can have a huge impact on the quality of a smoking session, and this dab nail is the best out there. Thanks to the slitted dish, the Terp Slurper Quartz Banger ensures that smokers use all of the concentrates. Any dabber who loves the flavor of concentrates will surely appreciate this awesome dabbing accessory!


Tree Perc Ash Catcher

Cleaning a water pipe can be a hassle. The tree perc ash catcher prevents water pipes from getting dirty by blocking ash and other debris from entering the body of the tube. And, it also contains a percolator, which filters the smoke for a cooler, smoother hit. With this awesome bong accessory, your favorite smoker can smoke more and clean less!

2018 Holiday Smoker Gifts

Check out the rest of our website for even more holiday gift options! All of our products are durable, and we're always adding hot new items to our selection. Happy holidays from the team at Toker Supply!

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