September 22, 2017

KandyPens Creates High-Quality Portable Vaporizers

for Dry Herbs & Wax

KandyPens is one of the leading vaporizer manufactures in the industry. They create portable vaporizers for concentrates and dry herbs, but they are most known for their wax pens. KandyPens offers a wide variety of different portable vaporizers that are stylish, discreet and made with the highest quality materials. KandyPens are easy to use and great for vaping on the go because of their small compact design. With such a large selection of dab pens to choose from you are guaranteed to find the perfect vaporizer for you. KandyPens is also one of the only Vaporizer Brands to offer a lifetime warranty on their products. So buy with confidence knowing if you have a problem with your vaporizer, KandyPens will make it right. 

KandyPens Portable Wax Vaporizers

KandyPens is well known for their portable wax pens and they are continuously innovating and bringing new products to the market. The latest and greatest addition to their line of products is the KandyPens Prism and Prism Plus Portable Wax Vaporizers. The Prism and Prism Plus both include dual quartz rod atomizers and also a ceramic dish atomizer. Both atomizers produce large thick vapor clouds with outstanding flavor and potency. With preset temperatures and an easy one-button design, the KandyPens Prism is a must have wax pen for any true dabbing enthusiast. The Prism and Prism Plus are both made using the highest quality materials including a solid stainless steel construction that is strong enough to withstand normal wear, tear, and drops.

KandyPens Dry Herb Vaporizers

Although KandyPens is most known for their portable wax vaporizers they also create some powerful portable dry herb vaporizers. Their most popular model is the KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer. This dry herb vape is discreet and portable and gives you precise temperature controls for custom vapor production. The MIVA is a true convection vaporizer that will not combust your dry herbs, giving you flavorful and potent vapor every time. Portable Herb Vaporizers allow you to enjoy your dry herbs discreetly on the go with the added health benefits of using a vaporizer.

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