3 Simple Facts About CBD

3 Simple Facts About CBD

As the Internet's favorite online headshop, the Toker Supply team took the initiative to carry some of the best CBD products available today. CBD's consumption can be through smoking hemp flower, taking a few drops of CBD oil, gummies and much more. Therefore, the list of options for taking CBD is nearly endless.

However, there are many myths surrounding CBD. For example, a common misconception is that CBD gets you high, like marijuana. Obviously, this is wildly incorrect. Even if you're a passionate CBD fan, there may be several facts you're not aware of. In this post, we'll list some obscure facts about CBD you may not know.

1. It's Psychoactive, Not Intoxicating.

Believe it or not, a lot of CBD users (and even suppliers) get this one wrong. Several retailers list their products as "100% non-psychoactive." Of course, the confusion is understandable. It's easy to mistakenly believe "non-psychoactive" means "non-intoxicating." Basically, it means that it does not induce a "high" or impair you in any way.

However, while it won't get you high, this doesn't exclude it from being psychoactive. The correct definition of "psychoactive" is essentially "anything affecting the mind." Since we know CBD positively influences mood, emotion and a general sense of wellbeing, this makes it psychoactive, indeed.

2. Even the Healthiest Can Benefit From CBD

Of course, the majority of CBD success stories start out with the user describing a specific ailment they couldn't eliminate before using CBD. Therefore, many of us assume that CBD is only for those of us dealing with some kind of mental/physical disorder. However, even the healthiest people have some notable reasons to work CBD into their routine, as well.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex cell-signaling network discovered in the early nineties by scientists studying THC, a well-known cannabinoid in marijuana. This system plays a significant role in regulating mood, appetite, sleep, memory and much more. And CBD directly binds to our ECS receptors, positively influencing them and encouraging superior operation. It can also provide ample protection during cold and flu season. Therefore, even the most fit, stable and well-adjusted people have a reason to try CBD.

3. You Can Extract It In Several Different Ways

CBD extraction is part science, and part art. CBD extraction is a super-technical and intricate procedure that employs a variety of different solvents. Each supplier has their method of preference. Also, each technique has several singular pros and cons.

Ultimately, the purpose of extraction is to harvest the proper compounds from the hemp plant while excluding fibers, plant sugars and minerals which damage the general quality. The two major extraction methods are CO2 and vegetable oil. Admittedly, there are several more, but these two are the most prominent. The most popular method (by far) is CO2 extraction. First, it's super efficient and produces exquisitely-pure extracts with excellent consistency. Additionally, it's very safe since it doesn't require toxic solvents. However, the necessary equipment is prohibitively expensive.

Generally, olive oil extraction is best for at-home extraction, as it's easy, safe and inexpensive. But, its' poor efficiency and short product shelf life make it a poor choice for commercial suppliers. Ultimately, any extraction method will require extensive studying and a lot of practice (and failures) to get right.

Conclusion - Toker Supply

If you're a veteran CBD lover or a newbie who's merely curious, our new line of high-quality, all-natural CBD products are the best place to start. Smokable hemp flower, edible gummies, sublingual oil, daily capsules and more are all represented in our shop with various dosage strengths, and we're happy to provide any assistance you may need in finding the right one for you.

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