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How To Be a Responsible Smoker

We've all heard the many, many myths surrounding anyone who enjoys an herb every now and then. "All smokers are lazy," "they have no ambition," and "they don't take care of their business," just to name a few. As an online head shop with a diverse customer base, we know what a fat load of nonsense these stereotypes are. There are plenty of motivated, responsible smokers in the world who indulge in their herbs but get their stuff done, too!

So, what exactly does it take to be a passionate smoker and a driven, goal-accomplishing super grown-up? Have no fear, because below, you'll find the habits of a responsible smoker. Basically, this involves a lot more than simply cleaning your pipe. If you want to smash those unfair stereotypes and prove your mom's concerns wrong, these are an excellent place to start.


1. Conserve & Ration

Indulging in your herbs isn't a bad thing. However, excessive indulgence can never end well. You want to kick back with your fresh herbs and be a mature, responsible adult? Then learn how to conserve, ration, and learn not to sear through your supply too quickly.

We all know that guy, the one who has a full stock one day and begging for loans the next. And we also know that nobody likes that guy. So, prove all the clichés about smokers wrong by spacing out your smoking a little. It won't kill you.


2. Know Your Limits

This principle is pretty synonymous with the previous rule, in that it requires conserving and rationing. Eventually, you'll hit a point where smoking any more would simply be wasteful. Try to be conscious of when you've hit that point. Learn to ask yourself: "do I really need more?" Sure, you could pack another bowl or whip your dab rig, but do you need to? Usually, if you're asking yourself that question, the answer is a whopping "no."

In addition to knowing limits, a responsible smoker knows when they shouldn't be smoking. Driving, job interviews, clocking in for your shift - these are all precise examples of when you should postpone your smoke sessions.


3. Budgeting

It's definitely a huge bummer to be without any bud. However, if you're doing the math and buying more means you'll be short on important expenses like rent or bills, guess what? You shouldn't buy more. We all need a place to sleep more than we need smoke in our lungs!

Want to defy all those low expectations people are always putting on smokers? There's no better way to do that then by learning to budget your money. In fact, once you've gotten in the habit of it, you'll wind up very grateful you did and even very proud of yourself. There are several smartphone apps for smokers that cover topics like this.


4. Handle Your Business

Becoming a responsible smoker is impossible without learning how to prioritize. However, it's totally possible to smoke every now and then and still handle your business. Showing up to work, taking care of the kids, running your errands and cleaning the house should always come before packing a bowl.

Your smoking past time should never dictate everything you do. It should never run your life. When it comes to showing up to a work conference or staying home and smoking in front of the TV, you should absolutely, 100% get to work. Smoking should come afterward.


Conclusion - Toker Supply

Being a responsible, productive and mature smoker is a fantastic thing. As a matter of fact, there are tons of smokers who don't just lay on their mother's couch watching TV and eating processed foods all day. Most of the smokers we serve go to work, take care of their kids, and handle their business while enjoying a little smoke on the side. Even throughout quarantine, they've managed to get their stuff done.

At Toker Supply, we're here to help smokers from all walks of life improve their sessions by providing them with the best possible tools and accessories.

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