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5 Incredible Benefits of CBD Oil

Do you often wish you simply felt…better? Nowadays, we’re inundated with so many wellness trends like yoga, flotation therapy, diet trends and more. Each of them promise life-changing benefits that will transform us from the inside out. Unfortunately, when they don’t quite work for us, then we scratch our heads and wonder what’s wrong with us. However, CBD oil is the kind of universally-applicable wellness trend that works for everybody, and you should be taking it every day.

CBD oil is nothing short of a total game-changer, and one of the newest, simplest ways to enhance your overall health and wellness, whether you're a man or woman. In this post, we’ll discuss the primary benefits of using CBD oil.


What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD is a naturally-occurring, non-psychoactive substance. Basically, this means that users can experience its numerous benefits without intoxication or psychoactive effects. 

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Top 5 Benefits of CBD Oil 

1. Easing Aches & Discomfort

Have you ever had an aching, painful back after a particularly long flight or sleeping awkwardly? Or felt your muscles seize up after one too many squats at the gym? In that case, you know the unpleasant effect that can have on the rest of your week. Bodily discomfort isn't just irksome, but can also sometimes consume all your attention. When this happens, it's hard to focus on anything else. And you may find these symptoms so distracting you can’t even doze off at night. Luckily, CBD oil provides a welcome relief for these common, but no less problematic, issues. 

The last half-century of medical study has illuminated the beneficial effects of cannabidiol — particularly about the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating several essential biological functions.

We now know that the human body naturally produces endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters bind to cannabinoid receptors throughout our nervous systems. So, when CBD oil enters the bloodstream, it’s able to replicate biological endocannabinoids and partially attach to the cannabinoid receptors. As a result, CBD decreases endocannabinoid receptor activity. This reaction is the reason why CBD oil can help manage aches, cramps, soreness, inflammation and more. 

2. Easing Daily Stress & Apprehension

Of course, life can often feel like you’re managing a lot more than you can handle. There are deadlines to hit, projects to deliver and endless problems that need fixing; there are bills to pay, kids to raise and health concerns to manage. Naturally, we all need to figure out healthy ways to alleviate the mounting pressure and find a sense of calm and stability. 

This is where CBD comes in. Fortunately, the simple fact is that more and more people are relying on CBD to help maintain a serene, peaceful state of mind and stable mental health. 

3. Promoting Healthy, Restful Sleep

Do you have difficulty slowing down your own manic thoughts enough to fall asleep at night? Or do you wake up every time a neighbor’s dog barks or your partner starts to snore, tossing and turning until the sun rises?

Many factors can prevent us from falling or staying asleep, including bodily discomfort and a restless mind. CBD oil that pairs the calming properties of CBD with other sleep aids like melatonin can help individuals ease their minds and get better sleep.

4. Reducing Tension & Headaches

Many Americans deal with headaches caused by tension and stress. So, if you’re looking for natural ways to remedy your tension and headaches, trying CBD products may be just the help you need to promote your overall health and wellness — combatting tension before it can reach overwhelming levels. 

5. Promoting Joint, Bone & Muscle Health. 

Of course, as we age, our joints, bones and muscles begin to deteriorate. Years of walking, jumping, playing, working and sitting begin to affect us, as cartilage wears down, and our bodies stops producing the lubricating fluid that keeps joints functioning well.

Do you find yourself wondering why your hips, hands, knees, shoulders or neck seem stiffer and achier than they used to? It may be a simple case of getting older. However, as aggravating as these feelings may be, you can find comfort in the fact that there are natural, healthy solutions.

Today, more and more people are taking CBD for their overall well-being due to the promising effects of cannabidiol. If you’re looking for long-term relief from aches and discomforts, you can consider adding CBD oil to your routine. 

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Our selection of Pure Potent CBD Oils are the perfect way to achieve all five of these benefits and more. As a community of like-minded wellness enthusiasts, we're always happy to help connect you with the very best products to accommodate you and your individual needs.

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