Dabbing Etiquette: 6 Quick Tips

Dabbing Etiquette: 6 Quick Tips

The dab rig has officially joined the ranks of the bong and the bowl as one of the most popular smoking pieces! For smokers who like to savor the flavor of their concentrates, smoking from a dab rig is superior to vaping. There are a few basic guidelines that dabbers should follow in the dabbing circle, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Check out these dabbing and concentrate etiquette tips to keep your dab rig in the best condition, and remain courteous!

1. Serve Your Own Concentrates

If you’re dabbing with somebody else’s concentrates, then let them serve you (unless they tell you otherwise). It’s important to make sure that you’re not taking too much!

2. Stick to Low Temperature Dabs

One of the most complicated parts about dabbing is deciding what temperature to dab at. Some dab enthusiasts enjoy high temperature dabs for the huge vapor clouds. On the other hand, others prefer low temp dabs for the more flavorful smoke.

No matter which camp you fall into, keeping your dabs to a low temperature is best in a large circle. Many issues that people have during negative dab experiences are due to high temperatures. For example, dabbing at high temperatures can lead to throat, chest, and lung discomfort.

One way to do this is to set a timer, so you know how long to let the nail cool. You’ll enjoy the flavor, and make sure nobody else using your dab rig has a bad experience.

3. Bring Along Dab Supplies

You should never show up to a dab session empty-handed! These dabbing accessories can elevate your experience (as well as your fellow dabbers) to the next level.

  • Dab Nail: Unfortunately, your dab rig is useless without a dab nail. The hot dab nail is responsible for heating the concentrates. Quartz dab nails generally offer the best flavor, with the lowest potential for damage. Quartz bangers take this to the next level with a domeless design that allows you to vaporize large concentrate doses. However, dab nails can also be made with ceramic, titanium, and glass.

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  • Carb Cap: To get the full dabbing experience, carb caps are a must. Carb caps for dabbing restrict your dab nail from making contact with the air. As a result, dabbing at lower temperatures is easier. 

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  • Dabber:These cylindrical tools can come in handy moving your concentrates into the nail. Generally, they’re made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

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  • Torch: The whole point of dabbing is that your concentrates are heated to a high temperature. So unfortunately, a lighter won’t work. That’s why having a dabbing torch on hand is key. 

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  • Dab Rig Mat: Dab rigs are expensive. Whether you’re smoking your own rig or a friend’s, you’ll want to keep it safe. Silicone dab mats place some cushioning between the rig and a hard surface, like a table or floor. The non-stick surface is also a great way to make sure you don’t lose your concentrates. There are plenty of creative dab mat designs that offer a neat way for you to show off your interests!  

4. Keep the Flame Away From the Dab Rig

It’s never a good idea to keep an open flame directly next to your bong or dab rig. Rapidly moving between hot and cold temperatures can potentially damage the glass. This is especially true when dabbing, as torches are a lot hotter than lighters!

To keep your dab rig safe, be sure to heat the dab nail, not the rig directly.  Also, refrain from touching the dab nail directly after it has been heated! It will maintain heat a few minutes after you’ve taken a dab, so be sure to wait until it has cooled down before touching it.

5. Clear the Dab Rig and Pre-Heat for the Next Dabber

There's nothing worse than hitting a dab rig with stale vapor. While you don't necessarily want to finish the smoke in one hit, you should be sure to clear the dab rig of all smoke before passing it along. 

Heating the dab nail for the next dabber is another easy way to extend your courtesy to the next smoker in line.

6. Periodically Clean the Dab Rig

Courtesy in the smoking circle is key! Because dab rigs can become dirty from time to time, routine cleaning is a must. There are many cleaning solutions that can eliminate any gunk, which makes dabbing healthier and more enjoyable.

BONUS: Use only High-Quality Dab Rigs

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