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May 22, 2017

Traditional Glass Pipes have been a staple in this industry since the very beginning because of their ease of use and small compact size, which allows you to smoke on the go. This article is going to break down all the different types of glass smoking pipes we offer so you can decide which one is the best for you. Browse our selection of glass pipes for sale online and we guarantee you will find one that you love!

Here at TokerSupply, we offer both high-end and affordable glass pipes to fit everyone’s needs and budget. With pipes starting as low as $15 for people shopping on a budget and high-end pipes from some of the most well-known glass blowers in the world we are positive you will find the perfect smoking piece for you. Our selection of glass pipes for sale online is expanding every day so make sure you check us out regularly for the latest and greatest. Now let's dive right into the different types of glass pipes.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipes, also known as hand pipes get their name from their shape, which you might have guessed looks like a spoon. Spoon Pipes are the traditional style of glass pipes that feature a bowl, a carb, and a mouthpiece. Spoon Pipes are great for smoking on the go because of their smaller size, which fit perfectly in your hand and are very easy to smoke from. We offer a huge selection of spoon pipes to match anyone’s style or budget. Click here to browse our selection of spoon pipes!

Sherlock Pipes

Named after the famous Sherlock Holmes, and the unique shaped pipe he was often depicted to have been toking on throughout his adventures. A Sherlock pipe features a unique design with an extended tube that often curves down and back up for a very comfortable smoking experience. This unique design moves the bowl down and away from your face, which can help prevent accidentally burning your nose or hair. Sherlock Pipes are typically larger and a bit more delicate than regular spoon pipes so they are best for smoking at home or at a friends house where you will not be traveling around too much with the smoking pipe. Not only do Sherlock pipes smoke very well they make you look sophisticated. If you are looking for a badass pipe you should browse our selection of sherlock pipes and we are sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

One Hitters and Chillums

If you are the kind of person that is always smoking on the go, a one-hitter or chillum is the perfect glass smoking pipe for you. This will allow you to smoke discreetly and quickly without anyone noticing. A chillum or one hitter is a small straight tube of glass shaped like a cigar that is meant for personal sized bowls. Chillums feature a mouthpiece; straight tube and bowl all connected chillums are simple but very effective. They are great for sneaking in a toke while out and about or if you’re looking for just a small one hit of herbs. Chillums can be as cheap as $10 and go all the way up to over $100 depending on the glasswork. Click here to browse our selection of chillums


Bubblers are an extremely popular style of glass pipes because of their small compact design and also the added benefits of water filtration. Bubblers are different than bongs because they are usually much smaller and have the bowl built into the pipe instead of a removable bowl piece that most bongs and water pipe have. If you want a small compact piece for smoking while you’re out but also want the benefits of water filtration a bubbler is the perfect glass smoking pipe for you.

That about sums up all the different type of glass hand pipes that we offer. Now that you know the difference between them it's time to pick out the perfect piece for you! We offer a wide variety of American glass hand pipes, affordable glass pipes and more expensive heady smoking pipes to cater to every kind of smoker. All of the glass pipes that we offer are made using high-quality materials and made with thick glass for durability. Oh and don’t forget to check your lap before standing up so you don’t drop your glass pipe on the floor and risk breaking it! Remember we will beat any competitor’s price and we always offer FREE Shipping on all USA orders ( NO MINIMUM)

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