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Glass Pipes

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Glass pipes also known as hand pipes or spoon pipes are one of the oldest ways to smoke herbs or tobacco. Glass pipes do not require water to function, all you need is a lighter to light your herbs and you’re all set. Hand pipes are typically smaller and portable so they fit easily in the palm of your hand, hence the name hand pipes. Spoon pipes are great for smoking on the go because you can conceal the pipe in your pocket, purse or backpack easily. If you prefer a more filtered and cooled down smoke with the portability of a hand pipe check out our selection of bubblers.

Although hand pipes are great for smoking on the go because of their smaller size, they are not only meant for the traveling smoker. Many people love the ease of use and strong hit you get from traditional glass pipes and prefer to use that as their primary smoking device even when sitting home on the couch. No matter what kind of smoker you are, we carry glass pipes in all different sizes, colors and styles, so we know you will find the perfect pipe for you. Our team spends a lot of time picking out only the coolest and highest quality hand pipes for our online head shop, and we are proud to offer a huge selection of handmade glass pipes that we have in stock and ready to ship to your door step!

We offer many of the most popular brand name glass pipes such as Grav Labs, Empire Glassworks, Chameleon Glass and so much more! Hand pipes come in a wide variety of styles such as spoon pipes, Gandalf pipes, steamrollers, chillums, glass blunts, glow in the dark and more. Some pipes are even inspired by some popular foods such as donuts, avocados or pineapples! The best part about buying glass pipes from Toker Supply is your order always ships free, discreet and fast!

When shopping online for a glass pipe it can be overwhelming with all of the options we have to offer. It is best to first understand the different types of glass pipes so you can make the best decision about the pipe that’s right for you. The most common type of glass pipes is the spoon pipe. Spoon pipes get their name from their resemblance to spoons. They are made with a long handle and circular bowl at one end. Spoon pipes features a carb on the left or right side of the bowl so you can clear the chamber of smoke and ensure you get the most from your dry herbs. We are positive you will find the perfect pipe for you in our huge selection of affordable and high quality glass pipes for sale.

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