Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers

Giving the right gift can be hard, but for your smoking friends, it should be pretty easy.

It's 2017, we all have that friend who loves smoking a little too much, so give them what they really want this Holiday Season.

Price: $13.99

We all know the struggle of trying to clean your bong without spilling that nasty bong water all over the place. You're probably using paper towels to plug up those holes, but we know that doesn't work very well. These Bong Cleaning Res Caps making cleaning your bong 420x easier. Res Caps include two smaller caps and one large cap that will fit 99.9% of bongs and dab rigs. Except for super small micro rigs. To use them simple stretch them over your bong opening and shake like crazy to clean your piece without worry about water flying everywhere.

Price: $19.99

If your friend likes to dab, getting them an XL Quartz Banger Nail will be the perfect holiday gift. This Quartz Banger is made of 2mm thick high-grade quartz and features polished joints. XL Quartz Bangers are great because the dabbing dish is significantly larger than traditional quartz banger, allowing you to add more concentrates or increase your surface area to get the most from your concentrates. Be sure you get your friend the right size nail, the most common is 14mm male.

Roll-Uh-Bowl Foldable Bong

Price: $ 34.99

3. Roll-Uh-Bowl Foldable Bong

We all have that friend who is always breaking stuff, and if they break their bong or yours you won't be very happy. Well, the roll-uh-bowl was made just for that kind of friend! This bong is made of medical grade silicone making is indestructible. You can bend it, fold it, smash it, or throw it and it won't break. This is a great gift for your clumsy friend or anyone that likes smoking in the great outdoors. This piece hits just as good as regular glass bongs.

Price: $ 12.00

4. Pineapple Silicone Wax Container

This is without a doubt the coolest silicone dab container you will ever see. Made with high-quality silicone to ensure even the stickiest waxes don't stick. The top leaf also acts as a stand for your dabber tool. This jar can hold about a gram or more of wax making it great for traveling and showing off to your friends. The two pieces lock together securely so you don't have to worry about it coming apart in your pocket or backpack.

5. A New Bong

Every smoker loves bongs, and a real smoker can never have too many. Help your friend grow their glass collection by getting them a new bong from our huge selection! We have bongs for sale from top name brands, and also unbranded bongs for amazing prices! All of our bongs that we offer are made with thick borosilicate glass.

Price: $49.00

6. Wake & Bake Glass Pipe

Any real smoker will know exactly what you mean when you say "wake and bake" and this pipe is a tribute to that. Complete with a glass skillet that contains a frying pan with eggs and sausage! Watch as the dome fills with smoke!

Price: $39.99

7. A Gas Mask Bong

Every smoker at some point in time needs to have a gas mask bong, It's almost like a right of passage into the smoker's world. Gas Mask Bongs are not only a lot of fun but they work really well. We recommend getting this for your experienced smoking friends, not the newbies.

Price: $49.00

8. A Recycler Dab Rig

If your friend is a true dabbing pro they should already have a recycler dab rig, but if they don't they are seriously missing out. Recyclers provide the smoothest and most flavorful hits of your waxes and oils. The recycling motion keeps your vapor and water moving to ensure maximum cooling and filtration. We have tons of different recyclers to choose from!

Price: $19.99

9. Smoke Buddy Smoke Filter

Unless you live in your own house where you can smoke without anyone bothering you, it's likely you want to try and cover up the smoke smell as much as you can. The smoke buddy smoke filter does just that. After you take a hit you simply blow your smoke through the filter and the smoke magically disappears. This is great for smoking in dorm rooms or apartments where you are trying to be discreet.

Price: $49.00

10. Gack Attack Brushes

I know what you're thinking, all you need is alcohol and salt to clean your piece. That works well, but using these brushes not only makes it much easier, but it works way better. This brush pack comes with a few different sized brushes so you can clean your bong, bowl, downstem, nail or any other kind of smoking product. The bag the brushes come in is smell proof so when you're done just throw the brushes back in the back and you're all done!

Rest assured if you get your friend's anything from this list as a gift they are going to be very happy. You can get all your holiday shopping done right here on our website and it will be delivered discreetly to your door in only a few days.

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