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3 Toker Products That Will Make Your Fall Perfect

Another summer reaches its end. 

Nope, we’re actually not sad about it! At Toker Supply, everyone’s favorite online headshop, we firmly believe that every stoner should celebrate this time of year. Sure, we’ll miss the warm weather and sunlight. But there’s nothing like the beginning of autumn to bring stoners to life for many more reasons than one. Between Halloween, hoodie weather and premium candy, we can dig the end of summer. 

And now, we figured out a way to make this already-awesome season even better! Well...perfect, really, if you’re a stoner. Because we put together the three must-have items for every smoker during the 2021 autumn season. Consider these three ways to give your fall the kind of supreme improvement you never thought possible.

toker mystery box graphic

1. Toker Mystery Box 

Spooky season is rolling in! What better time to titillate your curiosity and treat yourself to intrigue with the Toker Mystery Box? This maddeningly-mysterious box of smoker’s staples was personally curated by our team of dedicated tokers. Which, basically, means that every box has diverse products selected by tokers, for tokers. It's not just a random pile of stuff with zero thought put into it.

We know what you like and you can bet we’ve got you covered - plus, let’s be honest: the anticipation is half the fun. Happy guessing!

spider web bong from toker supply
spider bong glowing in the dark

2. Glow In The Dark Spider Web Bong

Obviously, who wouldn’t want to savor the smoke out of this spooky, spidery sensation this Halloween? First of all, artistry and craftsmanship aside: it glows in the dark. Need we say more? Probably not, but we will anyway. 

The bold, intricate spider web design bursts to vivid, eye-catching life the second you hit the switch and turn out the lights. (Be careful, if any of your friends are feeling paranoid, this might bug them out.) And the glow-in-the-dark feature will illuminate your shadowy nocturnal smoke sessions by casting an eerie glow and embracing the spirit of Halloween in a way no other bong can compete with. Of course, this makes an excellent addition to anyone's dream smoking room. Also, the classic beaker design you add as much water as you want for maximum cooling and diffusion, guaranteeing a smooth, frosty and flavorful hit every time. 

bag of sour space candy CBD hemp flower

3. Sour Space Candy - CBD Hemp Flower 

Now, we’ve got a whole bunch of CBD Hemp Flower strains to choose from, each one packing its own exceptional flavor and aroma. But, somehow Sour Space Candy seems like the ultimate autumn strain with its mouth-watering flavor that reminds us of Sour Patch Kids. 

First, the fragrant aroma of sharp, sour lemongrass and energizing notes of refreshing citrus will liven up your Spooky Season! Also, its' flavor is just what you'd expect. Basically, it's an electrifyingly-sour symphony of lemongrass notes and citrusy brilliance!

Also, Sour Space Candy is the perfect selection for anyone entering the autumn season looking to soothe their nerves and anxiety, ease tension and just relax the mind. 

Happy Fall From Toker Supply!

There you have it. You've got a Mystery Box, Glow In The Dark Spider Web Bong and Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower. And it's quite the magical trio, if we may say so. Of course, these three picks are amazing. Also, they'll definitely shake up your autumn (in a good way). However, our legendary online headshop offers the most extensive, diverse and high-quality smoker's essentials on the internet. So, if there's something else you've got your heart set on, go for it! Make it an autumn to remember - the perfect season to go up in smoke.

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