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6 Reasons Online Headshops are Superior

At Toker Supply, we consider it a privilege to help others enjoy our favorite hobby. Deciding where to purchase smoking paraphernalia should be a big choice for hardcore smokers, primarily because this is a long-lasting purchase. That’s why selecting the right bong, pipe or other piece the first time is essential. Customers in brick and mortar headshops can purchase their pieces immediately, without waiting for shipment. They can also visually inspect and feel their pieces. Despite these benefits, an online headshop can still offer a more wholesome shopping experience, which will ultimately improve your smoking experience.

#1 A Larger Selection

The selection at an online headshop is far greater than it would be at a physical headshop. Most local headshops will only offer pieces that adhere to a particular style. For example, some headshops might only sell glass pipes, water pipes, or vaporizers. This lack of variety is restrictive for most customers. In some cases, local headshops might only offer different color choices for the same piece.

A premium online headshop will offer all different styles of pieces, with size, color, and glass options.

We make a consistent effort to update our stock with new, high-quality products that complement our existing stock. These cutting edge products will provide a vastly superior smoking experience, and might not be available at local headshops. For example, we carry products from Grav Labs, a scientific glass brand renowned for their top tier pieces.

#2 Lower Prices

Price should be a critical consideration for consumers.

Like any retail store, brick and mortar headshops must pay fees like rent, utilities, and more, not to mention wages. Online headshops, on the other hand, do not have the costs that brick and mortar stores do.

The lack of these costs allows online headshops to charge at a much more reasonable rate. Furthermore, with the reach that an online headshop’s internet presence grants, the customer base is much larger. Thus, the scale that an online headshop sells at is substantially larger than a local headshop.

Additionally, it’s difficult to compare the prices of glass pieces at local headshops. Online headshops allow customers to investigate prices charged for similar products in other stores, and determine if the price is fair. If prices at local headshops are lower, then chances are the quality of the piece is, too.

#3 Discreet and Convenient

Smokers need their products delivered to them in a quick, efficient manner. At Toker Supply, we make it a priority to meet these needs by shipping products quickly, with no additional cost. To maintain customer privacy, we ship all of our products in discreet packaging that does not reveal the nature of the products.

With this customer-based policy, we can help smokers to enjoy their ideal glass pipes without compromising enjoyment due to concerns about delivery speed.

Online headshops also ensure that all products are shipped in tight, secure packaging.

#4 Knowledgeable Service

Many local headshops are afterthought endeavors for gas stations or convenience stores to earn additional money. As such, their staff are not capable of answering in-depth questions about smoking paraphernalia that might influence your purchases. Online headshops are usually operated by smoking enthusiasts with an outstanding knowledge of their products.

At Toker Supply, our staff is always available to answer questions pertaining to our products. Whether you are curious about the role that ash catchers play in water pipe maintenance or the difference between a dab rig and a water pipe, we are here to help. We offer plenty of quality information in our blog too-- check it out!

#5 Quality Products

Online headshops are much less likely to stock durable products than local headshops.

Local headshops tend to purchase their products from local suppliers. While it’s supportive to patronize local suppliers, these pieces are generally made from lower-quality glass. Lower quality glass will break far more easily than the durable glass used to make higher quality pieces.

Online headshops often have the resources to obtain these higher-quality products, which can vastly improve your smoking experience.

#6 Detailed Product Information

Reading about potential alternatives is a natural part of the shopping process. At local headshops, this simply might not be possible.

Online headshops have detailed, often elaborate product descriptions that inform you as best as possible about your potential purchase. Depending on the style of the piece, this valuable information may include:

  • Material- As previously discussed, knowing which material your piece is made out of will help you to understand how durable it will be. In some cases, pieces made out of particularly low-quality glass might detract from the smoking process.
  • Height- Knowing the dimensions of your piece before you buy it is essential for planning a storage space. This information is also helpful if you are considering travel.
  • Features- Understanding how this piece differs from other pieces may shape your decision. For example, learning about how the specific percolators in this bong function will help you understand whether or not it is the right choice for you.
  • Design Description- A poorly taken picture might prohibit you from seeing the pipe at various angles. A detailed description of the design will help you create a better image of the piece.
  • Attachment Sizes- Especially when you are purchasing a bong or dab rig, you should always look for the size of the joint and the bowl. Knowing whether or not they will be compatible with pieces that you already own may influence your decision.

Local headshops lack the resources and product variety that give online headshops the edge. At Toker Supply, our online headshop constantly strives to improve our stock to include smoking paraphernalia on the cutting edge. For more information about the latest trends in smoking, check out our learning center.

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