Grav Labs: Highly Functional Scientific Glass

Grav Labs: Highly Functional Scientific Glass

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you have probably heard of the glass brand Grav Labs. Grav Labs is based in Austin Texas and has been around since 2004. They have been making highly functional and unique glass pieces for years and are now one of the most well-known brands in the industry. Grav Lab makes traditional beaker bongs and straight tubes with added upgrades in addition to some uniquely designed pieces you might not have seen or heard of. All Grav Labs pieces feature their iconic logo and many are available in all clear glass or with colored accents. At first glance of a Grav Labs piece, you can immediately tell the quality is top notch and undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure customers receive perfectly functioning pieces.

Grav Labs makes every type of glass piece you could want, from their traditional shaped bongs to their compact and sleek bubblers, unique multi function dab rigs and classic hand pipes. They have a glass piece for everyone and every budget whether you are smoking dry herbs or concentrates, Grav Labs has you covered. They have even done some collaborations with celebrities and influential people in the industry. Grav Labs is continuously innovating and producing new and unique smoking pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Grav Labs Helix Beaker Water Pipe

Signature Grav Labs Pieces

One of Grav Labs most popular and unique glass collections is the Helix Line which features modern technology to really enhance your smoking experience. Helix by Grav Labs features a unique shape and design not traditionally seen on most water pipes. The bottom chamber features a traditional diffused downstem and beaker or straight tube bottom. Where the magic really happens is in the top chamber of these pieces. The unique shaped chamber contains small dimple like marks precisely placed to spin your smoke to cool it down before entering your lungs. You will actually be able to watch your smoke spin in the top chamber before passing into the flared mouthpiece and ultimately into your lungs.

Jane West Bubbler

New Product Line: Jane West Collection

Grav Labs recently introduced a new line of products called the Jane West Collection. This collection is a collaboration with Grav Labs and cannabis entrepreneur Jane West. The collection features stunning all blue glass pieces ranging from beaker bongs to traditional steamroller glass pipes. All of the pieces in this collection are made with high-quality materials and heavy glass tubing. The heaviness of the glass helps to keep the pieces sitting sturdily on your table or countertop and comfortably in your hand. All Jane West pieces feature the white Jane West logo and include a matching blue glass bowl.

Classic Pipes & Steamrollers

Grab Labs is also known for many of their basic spoon pipes and steamrollers. Spoon pipes and steamrollers are very popular because they are easy to use and do not require water to function. Grav Labs steamrollers feature unique built in ash catchers in the mouthpiece to prevent ash from going in your mouth, unlike most traditional glass pipes. All steamrollers feature glass feet so the piece sits safely when not in use. Steamrollers will give you big powerful hits even when using a just a little bit of dry herbs.

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