Mystery Smoking Box - Toker Box

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The perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or even yourself! The Toker Box Mystery  Smoking Box is the best deal around. Every box is hand-selected by our team of tokers so you will get an amazing assortment of products every time. The items can be bongs, pipes, dab nails, vapes, accessories, and a wide variety of other cool smoking products. If you choose the flower box expect to get awesome stuff to enhance your smoke sessions. If you select the dabbers mystery box expect to get awesome dabbing supplies to complete your dab setup. What you choose is up to you.

The Toker Box is available in 4 different pricing options. Just want a few cool things to try it out? Get the $30box. Liked the first box and want even more cool stuff? Grab the $50 box. If you're really looking for an awesome deal and want a box stuffed with the best smoking gear we have to offer, get the $100 or $200 box.

Disclaimer: items cannot be swapped. Damaged items may be returned but there is no guarantee you receive the same exact piece.