Rolling Trays

If you are someone that likes to roll their own you know how important a rolling tray is. Rolling trays keep all your precious herbs in one place so you don't accidentally drop any during the rolling process. There are many accessories smokers use to make their sessions more enjoyable and without a doubt a rolling tray is a must have. 

Rolling trays ensure that all your herbs stay in one spot and you don't lose in during the rolling process. Rolling trays are usually made from metal so that your herbs do not stick to it and they are extremely durable. Also the smooth surface makes pushing around your herbs to pack a pre rolled cone or roll a blunt much easier. Some smokers are experts and maybe think they don't need a rolling tray, but no matter how often you roll its going to make your life much easier.

As you're rolling your any of the herbs that fall out during the process will fall right onto your rolling tray instead of the dirty table or even worse on the floor. This makes it easier for you to quickly scoop them up and add them to your current roll or throw them back in your stash jar for your next session. Rolling trays are the perfect place to dump our your freshly ground herbs so its all safely contained in the same spot.

Rolling trays come in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials but ultimately all serve the same function. Rolling trays are cheap and worth every penny when it comes to saving your herbs from accidental drops. 

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Raw Rolling Tray

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