Headshop Encyclopedia - Everything You Need To Know

Headshop Encyclopedia - Everything You Need To Know

If you are a new smoker, or someone that doesn't visit a headshop often, you probably don't know all the headshop terminology. This can make buying a bong online confusing for someone who doesn't know all the lingo. As smoking and glass continue to evolve there are also tons of new percolators, domeless nails, and other smoking products which you might not be aware of. This guide is to help you understand what all these words mean and to make shopping our Online Headshop as easy as possible.


Adapter - Adapters are small glass pieces that are used to change the size, angle, or sex of your water pipes joint so you can fit various different nails, ashcatchers, and bowls.


Air Tight - Usually referring to a storage container. You want to store you dry herbs in an air tight jar to prevent them from going bad or drying out too much.


Ashcatchers - Optional water pipe upgrade attachments that stop ash from entering your water pipe to keep it cleaner, while also adding another layer of filtration and diffusion to your water pipe.

Atomizer - The heating element on a vaporizer that vaporizers dry herbs, concentrates or liquids so they can be inhaled.

Bubbler - A hand pipe with added water filtration to cool down your smoke before inhaling. Benefits of water pipes with the portability of a hand pipe

Bowl - The glass piece on a water pipe you place your dry herbs to be smoked.


Borosilicate - Borosilicate glass is a high quality type of glass often used for making water pipes. Many of our water pipes are made with borosilicate because of its resistance to high temperatures and strong construction to prevent breakage.

Beaker Base - A water pipe with a beaker shaped base. Beaker bottoms have been around for ever and are often more stable than a traditional straight tube because of their wider base. They also hold much more water than straight tube bongs.


Carb Cap - A must have dabbing accessories used to regulate airflow from your domeless nail to help retain heat so you can vaporizer your concentrates at lower temperatures.

Chillum - A straight glass pipe that works like a one hitter.


Dab Rig / Vapor Rig -  Water Pipes that are designed to get the best flavor from your concentrates. Typically smaller in size and often contain recyclers.

Dabber - A tool used to scoop up your concentrates so you can safely place them on onto your nail. Dabbers come in all styles and shapes.

Diffused Downstem - Typically found in beaker bottom or straight tube water pipes. It contains several small slits on the bottom of the glass tube which act as a percolator.

Domeless Nail - A dab nail that does not require a glass dome. Domeless nails allow you to fit more concentrates in your nail and also allow for lower temperature dabs.


Drop Down - A glass accessory for water pipes that is used to slide or drop down your nail or bowl away from your piece to prevent any possible heat damage to your glass.


Fumed - Fumed Glass is unique because its made with real silver or gold and creates different colors depending on the light.

Ground Joint - The most common style of water pipe joints that are sanded to ensure your glass attachments fit smoothly into your joint.


Hand Pipe -  A Glass pipe usually small enough to fit in one hand and does not contain any water filtration. Usually contains a carb cap for airflow.


Ice Pinch - These are located at the top of water pipes and allow you to add ice to further cool down your smoke. The ice pinch stops the ice from falling into the bottom of your piece.


Incycler - Similar to a recycler except the water is recycled inside of the pipe rather than an external arm or chamber.


Inline - A type of percolator that is a straight glass tube with small slits on the top or bottom, to help filter your smoke.

Keck Clip - Most commonly known as K Clip. Is a plastic water pipe accessory used to prevent your downstem or other attachments from falling out of your water pipe.


Nail - Used to vaporize concentrates. Usually made from ceramic, quartz, glass or titanium.

Percolator - These are the different glass filtration devices found instead water pipes and dab rigs. Percs cool and filter your smoke for smoother hits. There are tons of different styles that all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Polished Joint - A water pipe joint that is polished unlike the traditional sanded joints. Polished joints not only look better but often work better with less sticking.


Piece - A.K.A Any glass pipe. 


Recycler - Recyclers are a type of glass water pipe that recycles the water continuously through the pipes chambers. Your water and smoke travel nonstop to increase filtration. Recyclers are most commonly used for concentrates.


Scientific Glass -  Any water pipe made from borosilicate glass with multi percolators.

Splash Guard – Used to prevent water from splashing into your mouth. Usually located at the top of a water pipe.

Straight Tube - a water pipe that is completely straight.

Stemless - A type of water pipe that does not have a removable downstem. This is the standard type of water pipe these days because it involves less things to break.

Sherlock - A hand pipe shaped like an old fashioned tobacco pipe. Usually shaped like an S and longer than traditional hand pipes.


Tips - Glass or Paper that is used as a filter when rolling up. Many rolling papers come with tips included.

Tube - Slang term for a water pipe.


10mm/14mm/18mm - The size of water pipe joints and accessories. These are the standard three sizes. And can be either male or female.

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