Get Affordable Glass Pipes at Toker Supply

Get Affordable Glass Pipes at Toker Supply

Shopping for glass pipes on a budget doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality. Toker Supply’s line of affordable glass pipes have great designs, combined with optimal functionality. When you shop at an online head shop, there is a relatively low overhead cost. That’s why we are able to supply our customers with the same great products, just at a lower price. Shopping for glass pipes on a budget has never been easier. here on our online head shop, we have an entire section devoted to cheap (but high quality) glass pipes. We’ve organized a section of everything under $100, because you want to be able to find what you need quickly.


So, What Does “Cheap” Actually Mean?

In the past, cheap pipes meant sacrificing the best smoking experience. The way to go was wooden, ceramic, or acrylic, but things have changed - and for the better! Now that the smoking industry has expanded so much, it’s becoming easier to make high-quality glass pipes at a lower cost. This is important to us because glass is absolutely, hands down, the way to go when you are looking clean smoke, strength, and reliability. At Toker Supply, we use only hard glass, which can withstand high temperatures and are super durable.

Glass Quality vs. Price

You can immediately tell the quality of the glass by its thickness. Some of our pipes are so thick you could probably use them for self defense. I mean, I hope you never have to. That’s just a "for instance." Anyways… You may have seen sites talk about "Scientific Glass." This means the pipe is made from borosillicate glass. This type of glass is cheaper and yet sturdier and will last you longer than other pipes. A good majority of our pipes are made from scientific glass so that you don’t sacrifice quality for price. You’re welcome.

Design vs. Price

Ok, since we know the quality benefits of scientific glass you might be wondering: what about the design? The designs of our cheap glass pipes under $100 range from sleek and clean, to interesting and colorful. The scientific glass tends to be on the more modern and simple in design. Our other pipes like the Rasta Zig Zag Water Pipe is more fun and colorful.


Quality Toker Vapes

Vaping has become a yuuuge trend these days. While dabbing (see below) has also blown up on the scene, we want to mention vaporizers first because it is generally considered easier on the lungs. Our vapes allow you to enjoy your favorite oils and concentrates, without the harmful effects of combustion. Since our toker vapes are simple and a basic vape construction, they tend to be on the cheaper side. These are really great as a starter piece since they are really easy to use.


Cheap Glass Pipes for Dabbing

Concentrates are the thing to do these days. Dab rigs can get a bit pricey because there are so many features that glass makers have added. These pipes tend to be on the higher end of our Bongs Under $100 section, but it’s for good reason. If you want to get into dabbing, you want to do it right. If you don’t, then you will just be sacrificing what otherwise could be a stellar experience.

Dab rigs offer convenience because they are designed specifically for dabbing. When you are messing with concentrates, heat, fire, etc., you want to be safe and efficient. Also, dab rigs double as a work of art! Even the ones on our “cheap” list are pretty awesome. The only thing to mention here is that you will also need a decent tool to go along with it.


Cheap, Portable, and UNBREAKABLE Water Pipe!

I know you have heard “unbreakable” before and have tested it, only to prove it wrong. It’s like the Titanic claiming to be unsinkable. It’s just not possible. BUT - we have something that is actually, legitimately unbreakable! We have this pipe called The Adventurer that is made by Strong Silicone and with strong silicone! This bong will not break because it’s not made of anything that can shatter. We like the name “The Adventurer” too because it’s great to take with you on any adventure! You could drop it off a cliff and it would still work. Roll it up or tie it in a knot in order to pack it away discreetly. This pipe is one of our best sellers on the “cheap” list. It’s cool, with fun colors, and is super versatile.


Well...there you have it. This is a good overview of our “Bongs Under $100” section, and how you won’t sacrifice quality with price. When people think cheap pipes, they tend to think of the China-made, generic pipes that they have in gas stations and bodegas. Toker Supply online headshop is here to change that! You can pick a pipe that has some personality and fits your smoking needs. And, since we have close relationships with our glass blowers and manufacturers, you can rest assured that we have strict quality control standards.

Have a question or request? Don’t see what you are looking for? Please feel free to reach out to us here on the site, on our Twitter or Facebook page. Heck, send a raven if you want! We are here to help :)

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