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April 18, 2016

There are several things to consider when you are looking for a torch to buy. Of course, much depends on what kind of nail you are using. If you have a ceramic nail maybe you don’t want your torch to burn too hot, or at least be adjustable, so you don’t overheat your nail. If you’re using titanium, maybe you want a torch that burns hotter.

Butane vs. Propane for Dabbing

There is a spirited debate among dabbers about which fuel is best to use in torches. Propane can cause degradation to the quality of your nail, especially if its titanium, in the form of oxidation. Propane is cheaper however, and does burn hotter (the source of the oxidation) than butane, depending on how it’s used.

Torch Size

Much also depends on where your torch will be traveling, if it is at all. Obviously smaller torches are good for taking a trip because they take up less space. If your torch will be a “home” torch, then you can go for a larger size. You can also collect a variety of torches to fit your changing needs.

Torch Flame for Dabbing

Heating a nail is more than just pointing a torch and pulling the trigger. You want to try and heat your nail evenly, and this is easier with a wide flame. Flames that come to a sharp point will cause you to have to move the torch more to heat evenly. You also want to make sure that the flame is burning hot enough to heat your nail properly.

In the end, make sure you do some research as to what kind of torch you will need before making your purchase. There is no point in buying something you’re not going to get any use out of.

- Joe Klare

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