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Gas Mask Bong - Toker Supply
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Gas Mask Bong

$ 59.99
$ 31.99
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This Gas Mask bong comes with adjustable head straps to fit comfortably around most size heads. When smoking the gas mask pipe there is no escaping...

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Foldable Silicone Bong - Toker Supply

Foldable Silicone Bong

$ 24.99
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This water pipe is a foldable, portable, indestructible waterpipe that is perfect for smoking on the go or for that friend who always breaks things...

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Super Thick Beaker Bong (Multiple Sizes)

Super Thick Beaker Bong

from $ 69.99
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Features:  12" or 18" Inches Tall 5" Inch Beaker Bong Base Clear Glass Scientific Glass Three Pinch Ice Catcher Removable Diffused Downstem 9mm Su...

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Male Quartz Banger Nail - Toker Supply

Male Quartz Banger Nail

$ 14.99
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This domeless quartz nail is a popular concentrate accessory that is a significant upgrade from a standard quartz nail. The difference is a quartz ...

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