12'' Triple Turbine Perc Bong

$ 74.99
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Attention smokers,  the triple-threat of filtration is here! Now be rest assured of your filtration worries and enjoy your smoking sessions uninterrupted with our 12’’ Triple Turbine Perc bong! As you know, Percolator bongs offer some of the most advanced filtration for your bongs but with this one - we are taking it up a notch!

Here’s what differentiates it from the rest:

Ideal size with added layers:
The 12’’ figuration of this bong not only makes this smoking device a very handy piece but the added layers of filter ensure that you don’t compromise on smoothness for ease of access.

Turbine mechanism for enhanced performance:
The turbine mechanism of this Percolator bong truly acts as the cherry on top for all your hits! This way you don’t have to stop at one, or two, or three, or…. you get the idea, right?

Personalization with colors:
The color of the bong is chosen at random so that each bong is as unique as your taste! If you vibe and tribe aren’t the same, why should your bong be?

Ideal for a 14mm female joint size, the 12’’ Triple Turbine Perc Bong  is as good as it gets in the world of Percolator bongs! Add to your collection now and experience the elevated hits!

** Colors are chosen randomly. If you want a specific color, drop us a note at the checkout and we will try our best to accommodate  **