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Bowls, Domes, Adapters, Downstems, & Accessories

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Our Bong Accessories section has everything you need to upgrade or repair your water pipe. We carry all sizes of dry herb bowls, bong bowls, bong slides and j-hooks. If you're looking for a glass dropdown to help protect your glass from heat stress or just need a glass adapter to fit a new attachment we got you covered.  Sometimes your clumsy friend drops your pipe and breaks the bong stem or bowl head. Or for some strange reason you go to your local smoke shop instead of shopping with us and you get home with a new bowl piece to discover it doesn't fit your water pipe. We know how it is. While all of our dab rigs and water pipes comes fully equipped with everything you need to smoke sometimes a spare part or accessory is wanted. Shop below for the best deals on all the bong attachments and bong accessories you need to get toking!

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