Bundle Deals

Experienced smokers understand that buying a water pipe purchase will inevitably lead to additional purchases. Toker Supply understands this as well. To guide inexperienced smokers through their first purchase, and help experienced smokers transition into their new water pipe, we have several solutions. Our online head shop offers bong and dab rig bundle deals that aid you in accessorizing to whatever extent you would like, and allow you to save valuable money by making this purchase in bulk. The majority of our online head shop bundles include water pipes with percolators, non-stick silicone containers, quartz banger nails, carb caps, dry herb bowls, and tools. Each of these items serves a unique purpose within a smoker’s life.

Water pipes- Water pipes are a favorite among the smoking community for their ability to cool down the smoke and provide clean hits. Most of the water pipes included in this bundle have percolators, which also aid in cooling down the smoke to a much more tolerable level (especially for new smokers).

Quartz banger nails- With only the slightest amount of effort on your part, you can convert your new water pipe into a dabber. That’s where a quartz banger nail comes in. Recently, dabbing has become an extremely popular method of smoking, and there’s no end in sight. These nails come in different sizes, and are affixed to water pipes of compatible sizes to make them dab-ready.

Dry Herb Bowls- What good is a new water pipe from our online head shop without a dry herb bowl? Dry herb bowls are attached to the water pipe to hold the herbs in place during the smoking process. These bowls range in size to accommodate smoking sessions of varying lengths.

Dabber tools- Dabber tools are valuable in transporting the concentrate between the container and the dabbing nail. These are usable when converting your water pipe into a dab rig, or with a one purpose dab rig.

In addition to these bundles, we also have smaller bundles with more premium water pipes. We sell glass pipe bundles as well. Be sure to research which bundle is best suited for your needs. If you are looking to significantly expand the scope of your smoking collection, these cheap online head shop bundles are the perfect option. With all of the essential materials, all you’ll need to purchase is a lighter and some concentrate or herbs!

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