A downstem is a necessary bong attachment piece that fits into the joint on a water pipe. Downstems push your smoke from the bowl piece into the main water chamber to filter and cool down your smoke before reaching your lungs. Not all water pipes require downstems but many beaker bottoms or straight tube bongs do. Downstems for bongs come in a wide variety of different sizes so it's very important to know what size downstem you need to fit your water pipe before you decide to buy one. If you get a downstem that's too long it won't fit in your bong and if you get one that's too short it won't reach the water for diffusing and filtration!

Glass Downstems are measured from the bottom of the sandblasted joint to the bottom of the downstem. If you measure from the top of the joint you will get an inaccurate measurement. Bong downstems also come in a wide variety of diffusion styles, the most common is a diffused downstem that features several small slits on each side for diffusion. We also offer downstems with different kind of percolators for better diffusion including tree perc downstems, showerhead perc downstems and much more, allowing you to customize your water pipe however you'd like. If you are tired of breaking and replacing your glass downstem we even offer silicone downstems that will never break!

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