Herb Grinders

Too lazy to sit & carefully grind those precious herbs you got!? Tired of waiting for your smoking buddies to ‘grind’ those herbs you just got!?

Just get Herb Grinders and make your life easy instantly! Herb grinders help you to take a neat approach to shredding your herbs into a smoke-able form. Herbs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. But, without breaking them down into a smaller, more smoke-able form, it’s impossible to smoke them. After inserting the herbs into the grinder, the only necessary step is twisting the grinder until they are fine enough for your liking.

Even though this seems like a simple product, there are many reasons to use a grinder. There are also many variations to the basic grinder design that are helpful to understand when choosing a grinder that works with the product you are using. Check out the options below!

Many of our grinders have hidden collection chambers, which collect kief, or extremely potent parts of your herbs, and save them away for future use. This valuable feature is impossible with other herb-shredding techniques, such as scissors and a shot glass, a pill bottle and a dime, and other homemade techniques.

Herb grinders also double as storage chambers, meaning that you can transport your herbs in this tightly sealed and compact container. They will also be far less likely to emit any odors. Our cool range of Herb Grinders come in several different materials:

Wood- Offering a quaint appeal, wooden grinders are a reminder of simpler times. While they will efficiently grind up your herbs, they do not normally have a kief collection chamber.

Plastic- Plastic grinders are not as common or efficient as metal grinders, but are great for travel and can be easily discarded in emergency situations.

Metal Grinders- Metal Grinders are the ideal material for creating fine herbs.

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