Storage Containers

As all veteran smokers know, all herbs carry with them a fairly noticeable smell. Regardless of whether one would classify it as pleasant or unpleasant, this odor will be unmistakable when your herbs are exposed to the air. A proper smell-proof storage container will conceal the scent of your herbs, and keep their presence hidden. They will also preserve your smoking herbs, keeping the ideal temperature and humidity content consistent.

Different Types of Storage Containers

Air Tight Containers- Air-tight containers are the most popular and functional solution for dry herb storage. These jars create a vacuum seal that prevents all air from flowing into the jar. When completely sealed, it will also prevent any moisture from entering, meaning that your herbs will be preserved from any potential moisture.

Block Silicone Container- These containers are ideal for those who prefer dabbing oils and concentrates to dry herbs. When you have several different flavors of waxes, keeping them separate should be a priority. This container has several different compartments, allowing you to frequently indulge in several different types of wax.

Creative Designs- In addition to these basic herb storage solutions, we also offer several creative solutions to help you be inconspicuous in different situations. For example, the iPhone stash case creates an inconspicuous way to store rolled herb cigarettes.

Regardless of your material preference, be sure to purchase a storage container for simple, inconspicuous transportation.

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