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Tree Perc Bongs

Just likes its name, the tree percolator is a perc with tree-branch like glass tubes that come down and sit inside the water pipe with small slits on each arm. Your water and smoke is diffused through the various arms and slits for maximum diffusion and filtration. Typically the more tree arms a water pipe has the more diffusion you will get.

We offer all different types of tree perc bongs including triple tree percs, double tree percs and 6 - 8 arm tree perc bongs. If you have never used a bong with a tree percolator before you are seriously missing out. It is one of the smoothest types of bongs you can smoke from.

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Thick Tree Perc Beaker Bong - Toker Supply

Thick Tree Perc Beaker Bong

$ 129.99
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16 Inches Tall 14mm Female Joint Includes Bowl Piece Showerhead Perc Diffused Downstem Bent Neck