Glossary of Water Pipe Percs

Glossary of all the Different Types of Water Pipe Percolators (Percs)

Water Pipes are the most popular way to consume dry herbs and concentrates because of the water filtration and smooth hits they give. The smooth hits and filtration is caused by the various different types of percs that water pipes can have. There are dozens of different types of water pipe percs on the market, some are more popular than others. They all essential do the same thing, but some offer more or less drag, or more or less of a chug.

Straight (Diffused Downstem)

A straight perc aka diffused downstem is most common on straight tube water pipes or beaker bongs but can be found on many different types of water pipes. A diffused downstem is simply a straight piece of glass with slits at the bottom that go under water and produce bubbles as your smoke passed through. This cools down and filters your smoke for smoother hits. An example of a diffused downstem is shown below.

Honeycomb Perc

Honeycomb Percs are a type of disc perc that contains dozens of small holes that look like a honeycomb. All of these small holes create a tremendous amount of diffusion that further divide your smoke as it passes through all the holes. The more holes a honeycomb perc has the better the diffusion and also the less amount of drag the water pipe has.

Tree Perc

A tree perc contains anywhere from 4-64 arms, and the more arms a water pipe has the more diffusion you get. The tree perc arms (branches) can either be open or closed on the bottom and all will have small slits on the sides. Most arms will contain a few slits for more diffusion. The more tree perc arms a water pipe has the more diffusion and filtration your water pipe will have. 

Turbine Perc

A turbine perc or cyclone perc is a type of disc perc with several precise angled cuts. When you hit the pipe the water is pulled through the cuts and creates a spinning cyclone whirlpool effect. Some people call them cyclone, turbine or tornado but they all do the same thing and they are one of the most popular percs on the market today. Water Pipes can have one or as many as six turbine percs.

Swiss Perc

A swiss perc gets it's name from its resemblance to swiss cheese. It features holes on a vertical disc like shape that allows your smoke to pass around them for maximum diffusion. This unique perc is now very popular for its great filtration.

Stereo Matrix or Barrel Perc

Some people call them stereo matrix percs others call it a barrel perc. No matter what you call it, this perc gives some of the smoothest and filtered hits you will find. The percs have dozens of small slits all around for your smoke to pass through.

Inline Perc

An inline perc is a horizontal tube with tons of small slits cut around and under the tubing. This perc is almost always at the bottom of the water pipe and produces a great amount of diffusion and filtration with little to no drag.

Unique Percs

In addition to the previous percs we talked about we have many water pipes with unique percs that are new to the industry or only made by certain glass blowers. Some of them are sprinkler perc, spinning propeller percs, Spoke Percs, Bee Hive Percs and more!

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