10'' Pyramid Bong

$ 74.99
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Ready to take a trip down the historical realms of the Great Pyramids with our modern smoking solution? Try the Pyramid Bong today to unlock a different world of Pharaohs & rattlesnakes! Just kidding, they will be active just in your vivid imagination & immaculate smoking vibes! With our finest craftsmanship and intricate design, these bongs are a part of our novelty collection!

Some of the key features include:

High quality material:
Carefully crafted with superior quality glass, these bongs offer you the smoothest hits and allows you to double down on your ‘highs’!

Stable design for functionality:
Not just for showcasing, these bongs are actually truly functional with their steady designs preventing the possibility of spillage or otherwise.

Inclusive of a Dry herb bowl:
You don’t have to worry about buying a dry herb bowl on the side because the Pyramid bongs come with it!

Ideal for a 14mm joint size, the Pyramid Bong is a must-have novelty item to add to your Bong collection! Shop today and show off your ‘regal’ taste in smoking accessories. 

** Colors are chosen randomly. If you want a specific color, drop us a note at checkout and we will try our best to accommodate **