12 Arm Tree Perc Bong

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12x The Diffusion with Zero Drag!

This 12 arm Tree Perc Bong is a master of diffusion thanks to its tree percs. All 12 tree percs are reinforced to the bottom of the chamber for added durability. Standing at only 8" inches stall this tree perc bong is great for either dry herbs or concentrates. Featuring an 18mm female joint and a bent neck to prevent splashback. The 12 tree perc arms will diffuse and filter your smoke and vapor with zero drag, for super flavorful smooth hits. This piece is made of thick borosilicate glass and features a thick round base for stability. Add a quartz banger to this 12 Arm Tree Perc Bong to make it a perfect dab rig!


8" Inches


18mm Female


  • 12 Arm Tree Perc
  • Bent Neck
  • 18mm Female Joint
  • Includes Bowl
  • Thick Glass
  • Wide Rounded Base