Inline Perc to Tree Perc Water Pipe

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  • Inline percolator with over a dozen slits
  • Tree percolator for zero drag filtration
  • Slitted splashguard to prevent splashback
  • Thick borosilicate glass with thick base for durability
  • Colored accents of blue or green to fit your style
  • 14mm female joint with matching glass bowl piece
  • 10 Inches tall for increased flavor and smoke cooling

A combination of several percolators for maximum diffusion

This inline perc to tree perc water pipe features classic types of percolators but with added upgrades. The extra-long inline percolator features over a dozen upside down slits to increase smoke cooling and diffusion with almost no drag. After your smoke passes through the inline percolator it is forced through the upper tree perc for a final round of diffusion through all the tree perc arms. Both of these percolators provide amazing diffusion with zero drag, making for a pleasant and easy smoking experience. Sitting at the very top of this piece is a slitted splash guard that prevents any nasty bong water from reaching your mouth. This is a must-have piece in any glass collection.