Rock Glass - Inline to Stereo Matrix Perc Bong

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  • 14mm female joint includes matching bowl piece
  • 8 inches tall making it a perfect size for herbs or concentrates
  • Diffused downstream percolator for diffusion without drag
  • Stereo matrix perc for further smoke cooling and diffusion
  • Narrow stacked middle chamber indent to condense smoke and flavor
  • Thick borosilicate glass with a thick flared mouthpiece
  • Random colors

A highly functional piece at a very affordable price!

Rock Glass is known for creating highly functional and affordable pieces. This piece features a classic beaker bottom but with modern-day upgrades to enhance your smoking experience. In the bottom chamber, there is a diffused downstem perc that starts the diffusion process by forcing the smoke into tiny bubbles into the water in the beaker chamber. Your smoke is then forced up through the stereo matrix percolator for a final round of diffusion before passing up through the neck to your mouth. The unique shaped neck of this piece condenses your smoke to maximize flavor and also to help further cool down your smoke. Color accents and logo color may vary!