17" Triple Honeycomb Perc to Quad Circ Perc Bong

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  • 17” tall
  • 3 honeycomb percolators
  • Matrix circ percolator
  • 3 pinch ice catcher
  • Constructed with thick glass
  • 18 mm joint

With four percolators, the 17” Triple Honeycomb Perc to Quad Circ Perc Bong delivers everything that the dedicated smoker is looking for in a premium bong. This beautiful, clear glass piece will provide clean, smooth hits for years to come, and will be a fixture in any smoker’s smoking room.

This water pipe will give you smooth hits during each smoking session, with several layers of filtration. After passing through the water chamber, the smoke will move up through the bong tube. Shaped like round discs, the three honeycomb percolators filter smoke through the minuscule holes. Then, the smoke passes through the matrix perc, which directs the smoke through the ice catcher, and finally into the smoker’s mouth. This design allows for maximum filtration, and smooth, clean hits.

This water pipe is equipped with an 18mm joint, making it compatible with any similarly sized accessories. By attaching a dab nail, you can convert this water pipe into a dab rig. With 17” and ample space for smoke, this bong is also fantastic for smoking concentrates.

Featuring a flared mouthpiece, this bong allows the smoker to maintain a tight grip. This tight grip also keeps the smoke contained inside the piece, meaning you won’t waste any of your dry herb.

With clear glass and several percolators, this piece is sure to impress friends and fellow smokers with its unique look before anyone begins smoking.

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