Double Honeycomb Bong with Splash Guard

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  • 16 inch water pipe
  • 18mm female joint
  • Honeycomb accent on top
  • Two honeycomb percs
  • Splash guard
  • Pinched ice catcher
  • Accented bowl and perc
  • Compatible with dab nail
  • Scientific glass

The Double Honeycomb Bong with Splash Guard will elevate your smoking session to the next level with multiple percolators for excellent filtration!

The Double Honeycomb Bong with Splash Guard is created with smokers who appreciate cool, smooth hits in mind. As smoke flows from the bowl through the joint, it will then enter the water chamber, which filters out some of the harsh taste. Then, it will flow upward, through the honeycomb percolators. These disc-shaped percs have slits, which removes the harsh taste of the smoke as it travels up. You can also use the ice catcher to insert ice without the risk of it falling, creating a final cooling effect before you inhale the smoke. The splash guard will ensure that no water comes up as you inhale. This top-of-the-line piece will allow you to enjoy a premium experience during each smoking session.

In addition to providing great filtration, the Double Honeycomb Bong with Splash Guard also has an awesome design. The scientific glass allows you to see as the smoke collects and the bubbles stack. The accented bowl and splash guard create great contrast, too. Situated at the top of the water pipe, the honeycomb accent ties the piece together, and is also a great grip when passing it around.

While the Double Honeycomb Bong with Splash Guard is intended for use with dry herbs, you can also use it as a dab rig. Simply remove the dry herb bowl and replace it with a dabbing nail.